Review: Three is a War by Pam Godwin (Tangled Lies #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

*Blink* It's over? *Blink* Holy. Crap. Why?!? I knew--I JUST KNEW--that this third and final novel in the Tangled Lies series was going to be bittersweet, but damn it, I feel gutted. Why the hell do I read stories that I know are going to leave someone--myself excluded--heartbroken? Sigh. One is a Promise lulled me into complacency before that frickin' shocker of a cliffhanger. Two is a Lie pitted two men against one another, vying for the love and affection--and all the dirty stuff in between--of one woman. Three is a War was all about one choice and it was a choice that would change all three players irrevocably. This trilogy tested my resolve as only a Pam Godwin-penned masterpiece can. She pushed and prodded and she left my poor heart (yes, I do have one) so battered and bruised.

This review may be shorter than the ones I wrote for the first two novels in the series mainly because I need to keep this spoiler-free and when I stay in front of my computer for too long writing a review, I'm always afraid I'm going to spill the beans. The nitty-gritty of this series ender: Danni Angelo learns more truths and deals with them the way she chooses how to and by the end, she knows that she'll have to decide who between Cole Hartman and Trace Savoy will get to lay claim on her heart, body, and soul. Cole and Trace are so different but there are also things about them that ring familiar, things that clue you in that maybe they're not as opposite as they may seem. Hell, choosing between these two would not have been a given for me, what more for the woman who loved both.

Did the author manage to throw a twist or two in this finale? Yes, she did, and that's just a testament to how well Godwin writes because she kept me on my proverbial toes for the duration of the trilogy. Danni evolved so much from start to end. She's stronger and more sure of herself, but making that one choice between the two men who owned her heart was never going to be easy, and I more than sympathized with her. Do I agree with the choice she eventually made? If I'm being honest, I didn't. Maybe I'd be saying the same thing if she went the other direction. I honest don't know. Do you go with the man who loved you first or the one who loved you last? Sigh. My one wish? That whoever wasn't chosen gets his own happy ending. I'm looking at YOU, Pam Godwin. I'll wait for as long as necessary. Read the series in order, people. You will NOT regret it. Five stars go to Three is a War.


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Date Read: 29 August 2017

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