Review: Solace by S.L. Scott

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Color me surprised, and pleasantly so at that! Jason Koster demanded everyone's attention in the Kingwood duet and bestselling author S.L. Scott is letting him tell his story his way. Solace takes place after the events in Savage and Savior, but we get to know Jason's personal history and why he became the man that we met in Alexander Kingwood IV and Sara Jane Grayson's love story. At the heart of this history is the girl--the woman--who he's tried to keep buried in the very recesses of his heart and soul but has failed time and again to do so. It's that very same woman who may finally give him reason enough to call one place home and claim Delilah Rae Noelle as his solace in a world full of chaos. Whatever expectations you had of Jason's story, best set them aside because this is HIS story, one that he shares with Delilah, and it's a story about love, redemption, absolution, and finding one's peace.

As per the author's request, I'm going to keep this review spoiler-free. Suffice it to say that at if I had to keep it basic, I'd tell you that this spin-off is about second chances. However, that sounds too...simplistic...almost as if it doesn't give Jason and Delilah's tale justice. I'll tell you this: it's worth reading, even if it may not have been what I was expecting. If you've read the Kingwood series, you'll get what I mean when you get your hands on Solace. You do NOT have to read Savage and Savior (notice how I didn't say "or" because those two books DO need to be read in order) in order to enjoy Jason and Delilah's story. With that being said, I'm going to recommend that you do because I'm a stickler for having the full background story. It does make for a much better reading experience. S.L. Scott doesn't disappoint, and while I may not give details, what I will say that Solace more than satisfied. Five stars. ♥

Release Date: 17 September 2017

Date Read: 22 September 2017

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