Audiobook Review: One Call Away by Felice Stevens, narrated by Seth Clayton

Note: This audiobook was provided by the author via Michelle Slagan in exchange for an honest review.

One Call Away is the story of thirty-two-year-old former model turned psychologist Noah Strauss, who was originally introduced in Embrace the Fire, and how his radio program opens the door to him finding love with twenty-eight-year-old lawyer Oren Leavitt. While Noah is out as a gay man, Oren isn't, fearing that the rampant homophobia in the law office he works at will lead to problems, especially when it comes to the advancement of his career. When Oren is forced by the higher-ups to make a call to Noah's show and pretend to be someone in need of advice, he doesn't realize how real of a lifeline Noah will turn out to be. That call was supposed to be nothing more than a ruse, but there was a great deal of truth in what Oren told Noah that first night--and a connection between the two men was formed. With Oren dealing with his sexuality and fearing what it will mean in terms of acceptance from his religiously orthodox family, Noah becomes his greatest source of understanding and support. But with deception at the foundation of their relationship, could Oren be facing rejection from Noah?

This isn't my first Felice Stevens story nor is it the first one I've listened to with Seth Clayton as narrator, but there was something different--dare I say, magical--about this particular pair-up. We've got a love story that's as heartrending as it is hopeful, and while I've listened to a couple of Felice Stevens's stories before, this is, hands down, my favorite. Her stories have often tugged at my heartstrings but she doesn't pander--never  melodramatic simply to elicit an outward reaction from. Combined with Seth Clayton's narration, it's almost as if the story's taken to another level. There's something soothing about Clayton's storytelling, but it wasn't actually him telling me a story. It was him allowing me to experience the story alongside the characters. Every nuanced change in Clayton's tone alongside each development in Stevens's tale had me more than impressed. Felice Stevens is already a go-to author, and prior to this, I only had one favorite narrator. Two audiobooks in, Seth Clayton is the latest one to be added to that short list. Here's to more from this gifted pair! Five-plus stars go to the audiobook of One Call Away. ♥

Date Listened to: 29 September 2017

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