Review: One is a Promise by Pam Godwin (Tangled Lies #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Can Pam Godwin do no wrong? Based on the books she's written that I've read, the answer is pretty clear: Hell no. In the first in her new trilogy entitled Tangled Lies, Godwin gives readers not just one but two love stories. One is a Promise is the story of Danni Angelo, a dancer who finds the love of her life at twenty-four only to lose Cole Hartman in a way that's left her heart and spirit broken three years later. Now twenty-eight, Danni is still struggling to move forward. Then she meets thirty-year-old Trace Savoy. He's a man who has money and power and doesn't hesitate to push Danni whenever he wants to. He begins to change her world in more ways than one, even though he knows that her heart still belongs to Cole. Just when she believes she's finally ready to take that next step in her new relationship with Trace, Danni discovers one truth: there's a thin line between well-meant lies and promises.

I took one look at the blurb for this series starter and had a theory going on in my head as to what it was about, but knowing Pam Godwin, the story was bound to play out in a deliciously addictive way that would have my heart thrumming excitedly until it comes to a stop with a devastating cliffhanger. And while I was right about one major point in this book, the author threw in one hell of a twist that had my mouth hanging open for a minute in absolute shock. I have yet to find a book she's given us that hasn't, at least once within the text, surprised me. I look forward to her unexpected twists and turns, yet I'm still taken aback when I come across them. Go figure. The bottom line is that she's more than capable of giving her readers worthwhile stories that are just outside of the norm and may, at times, push you beyond your comfort zone, but once you're out there, you won't want back in.

Godwin weaved together two love stories that were markedly different from each other but both equally enticing and endearing, with Cole and Danni's story told through flashback chapters. Cole and Trace are opposites, but there's something innately controlled yet caring about them that appeals to Danni--and to me--which makes it easy to see why she fell for both men. I loved how intense Danni and Trace were, just underneath the surface in the beginning, but we get to experience the evolution of that into something undeniably present and more difficult to deny as time passes. Like I mentioned earlier, this does end in a cliffhanger, so prepare to be frustrated, as is the case when it comes to a story that you desperately want to continue right this minute. The wait, however, isn't too long, with the second releasing in July and the third in August. One is a Promise is worth every one of my five stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 June 2017

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