Review: Leaning Into Always by Lane Hayes (Leaning Into #1.5)

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Eric Schuster and Zane Richards are back! After crossing the line from best friends to lovers in Leaning Into Love, we get the happily-ever-after part with the second part of their story, Leaning Into Always. If you're a fan of the Leaning Into series and have already read both the series starter novella and the full-length novel, Leaning Into the Fall, you already know that Eric and Zane got engaged at the end of the former and were already married by the beginning of the latter. This new novella release is what happened in between and while I let the proverbial cat out of the bag by already pointing out that they DO end up saying "I do," they encounter a bump or two along the way.

From the best of friends for years to being just three months away from getting married, Eric and Zane have no doubt about wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. They need to get a few things over and done with before the big day, and that includes Zane finding a particular boat for a client. This has the two men heading to their hometown--a hometown filled with quite a few not-so-great for Eric as well as one particularly overly familiar ex of Zane's. It may seem like nothing more than old teenage insecurities and misplaced jealousies on Eric's part, in order for them to keep moving forward together, Zane and Eric will have to deal with their pasts firmly and finally.

I've adored Eric and Zane since I first met them in the It Was Always You anthology, and I was so glad when Lane Hayes announced that the next release in the Leaning Into series was going to have the two of them again. The differences in their personalities is even made more abundantly clear here, but the author also highlights that they're more than their differences. Heck, it's those differences that make them such a joy to read about! I liked the time Eric and Zane spent with Zane's mom and it goes without saying that I wasn't a fan of Dean Gorman's. But all's well that ends well with these two, complete with a sappy smile on my end. Five stars for Leaning Into Always. ♥


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Release Date: 05 September 2017

Date Read: 03 September 2017

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