Review: Filthy Bastard by Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield (Grim Bastards MC #2)

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Filthy Bastard is the second novel in the Emily Minton and Shelley Springfield-penned Grim Bastards MC series and turns the spotlight on Isaac "Brew" Decker, the twenty-eight-year-old Sergeant-at-Arms of the motorcycle club, and Adyson "Addy" Sloan, the twenty-two-year-old college senior who is forced to deal with her family's issues. When Addy ends up getting kidnapped along with her best friend, Brew is drawn to her soon after. The time she spends with him at the Grim Bastards's clubhouse shows him an open and warm young woman who he can't help but fall for. Once everything's been ironed out and Addy can freely go about her life, Brew is heartbroken by how easily she walks away from him. But Addy is keeping secrets, secrets that she has to keep if only to make sure that her older sister stays safe and is treated well by her husband, the same man who blackmails Addy into having sex with him whenever he calls upon her. Walking away from the man she was falling in love was far more difficult than she let on, but Addy doesn't have a choice at the moment. She doesn't think she's good enough for Brew, believing he'll reject her when he learns the truth. Addy sees herself as filthy, but Brew sees more and now he's ready to prove her wrong.

This book was head and shoulders above its predecessor, though I will admit that I was a bit worried since the first few chapters overlapped with the events in book one and I was hoping it wouldn't end up being a rehashing but told from Addy's and Brew's points of view. Thankfully, this book was all about Addy and Brew, two people who have secrets to keep but who know what it's like to not be wanted or cared for by those that were expected to do so. Brew's background story was so interesting, and it did have me wishing that it had been tackled a bit more in the second half of the book. Poor Addy was a young woman who was forced to abide by the expectations and demands of others, but not merely for herself. Her love for her sister was just like Brew's love for his sister, so my heart couldn't help but squeeze in empathy with how everything turned out in both their cases. These two worked well together, and I didn't doubt that what they felt was more than just remnants of lust. I found this sequel to be more enjoyable, with more mature main characters in Addy and Brew and a story that stayed on point. My hopes are high that the Grim Bastards MC series will continue to get better with each new addition. Filthy Bastard receives four stars. ♥

Date Read: 12 June 2016

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