Review: The Reaper's Sacrifice by Abigail Baker (Deathmark #2)

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Something in me stirred like it had before--the need to set things right, the need to make Styx better for everyone, not just the ones I loved. The rebel in me never really had died. She just needed some time off and a reason to come back to work. 

Oh, Abigail Baker, you are an evil, evil woman. First, you gave us a cliffhanger of an ending in The Reaper's Kiss. Then, you had us waiting for a month and a half shy of what would be a year-long wait for this sequel, The Reaper's Sacrifice, only to torment us by giving us a fantastic continuation of Olivia Dormier's story and then leave us hanging yet again with that heartbreaking, unresolved ending! Gah! But wait I must and will. Why? Because the Deathmark series is the kind that demands you attention and requires you to hang on for ride, even if it happens to be one that lasts over three full-length novels and over the span of a couple or so years. How could I possibly stop now when I've been invested in Ollie and her continuing journey in finding her true self as Master Scrivener, rebel leader, and overall independent, badass woman.

Two years have gone by since Ollie Dormier and the rebellion that she led came up short. Not only is she sent to Montana for her exile, she lost her mother, her best friend's soul is within the locket she wears around her neck, and she's been banned from communicating with Brent Hume, the Grim Reaper that holds half Ollie's soul and her whole heart. The only ones by her side are her Papa and her faithful four-legged protector and companion, Dudley. But then she's called by the Head Reaper--the very bane of her existence--and is soon sent to California on a mission. In exchange, she and Brent will be able to live freely with one another. Soon, however, it's clear that Ollie doesn't have all the facts. She'll have to decide swiftly and with resolve who it is she can truly call her ally and if she's ready to awaken the rebel that lying in wait.

This sequel isn't as focused on Ollie and Brent as the first one, but we do see how they're handling being apart from each other. The series really is about Ollie and her unexpected quest to be the Master Scrivener she never believed she was capable of becoming. Here, we find Ollie evolving more as a Master Scrivener at the hands of Errol Dennison, himself a Master Scrivener labeled an enemy by Marin, the Head Reaper. Errol had my attention from the get-go and he was both a destruction and deep source of information and instruction for Ollie. Along with Errol, there are a couple of other new names that were introduced to readers here, and each one's role in Ollie's story so far was marked. Now, as far as how her new knowledge melds with her desire to be with Brent and to rid the world of Marin...  Sorry, no spoilers.

Abigail Baker kept me on my toes with this second in the series and I admit that there were a few moments in the book that had me gasping in shock. I love how she's been able to surprise the heck out of me when it comes to direction the story heads off to in both books. There was one particular moment that broke my heart, though, and being the wishful thinker that I am, I have my fingers crossed that something miraculous will happen in the third novel, The Reaper's Embrace--which is due for release next year (yes, you read that right). Of course, the pessimistic realist in me thinks what happened in that one moment will stay as it is, but you never know, right? Whatever may come next, I'm in, and while I lack patience, I make up for it with enthusiasm and await the conclusion this series. The Reaper's Sacrifice gets five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 30 June 2016

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