Review: Dirty Sexy Secret by Nazarea Andrews (Green County #1)

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Dirty Sexy Secret is the first book in the new Green County series from author Nazarea Andrews and is a combination of a second chance romance and a taboo love story between Hazel Campton and Brandon Archer. Sixteen years ago, a plane crash took the lives of twenty-seven military personnel, many of whom left behind parents, spouses, and children, three of whom were from Green County, Kansas and became known as the Airplane Orphans, taken in by a mother who lost her son on the same flight. Brandon Archer, Elijah Beasley, and Hazel Campton, then sixteen, twelve, and eleven, became part of a triumvirate that existed because of a tragedy but became a family. Except Archer has never seen Hazel as his sister. He's always wanted more with the only girl that's captured his heart. She left them behind four years ago after one night that cemented what they were feeling for each other, but now she's back. Archer craves this second chance with Hazel, but he knows that if they cross that line again, they could bring undeserved pain to their Mama and Eli. They need to keep their distance from one another, but when their lives and those of the ones they care for most are threatened, their love may be the thing that either ends or saves them.

Without a doubt, the synopsis for this book had me wanting to learn more about this forbidden relationship between Hazel and Archer. They aren't really siblings and while they may have been fostered together, along with Eli, there was always something different about Archer and Hazel that didn't allow them to see each other as siblings. Aside from the taboo aspect of the romance, there's also a mystery suspense element thrown in, one that puts Hazel's investigative journalist skills and Archer's law enforcement know-how to the test. Admittedly, there were times where I felt as if there was just too much going on at the same time, what with the tension between Eli and Gabriel Delvin being thrown into the mix, and it ended up being this distraction because it was touched upon so often. Then there was the mention of Gabe's brother Aiden, who clearly has his reasons for not being back in Green County in eight years. Of course, I find myself curious about both side stories but maybe the focus could have been more about Hazel and Archer and what Hazel was being forced to do because those were more than enough. Still, Dirty Sexy Secret, my first from Nazarea Andrews, was a satisfying enough read, and gets 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 09 June 2016

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