Review: Inked Nights by Carrie Ann Ryan (Montgomery Ink #8.5)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by Evil Eye Concepts via InkSlinger PR.

Inked Nights is the latest novella in the highly popular Montgomery Ink series penned by bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan. While there are cameo appearances from other characters in the series, this novella can absolutely be read as a standalone. It's the story of Derek Hawkins and Olivia Madison, two people who have an arrangement, one that has rules that were never meant to be bent nor broken. They meet in a bar each and every month and go on to have one night of mind-blowing sex. No names or other information are exchanged. He's D and she's O, but all it takes is one slip-up--a mention of a first name--that triggers a memory for Olivia, one that makes it clear that whatever it is they've been doing needs to come to an end. She runs, thankful she doesn't have to go into hiding, not when he has no idea of who she is and where she lives. Then one day, Derek shows up on Olivia's doorstep...

I've always enjoyed Carrie Ann Ryan's writing, and her latest release is keeping that streak alive. From the moment the story begins, I was immediately intrigued by Derek and Olivia's relationship, and whether they admit it or not, that's exactly what they had. They committed to meeting on a regular basis even though they didn't share a whole lot of personal tidbits about each other. The sex between them is hot, and there was no denying the chemistry that they had, but it was also interesting to see if they had anything beyond the physical stuff. I admit that I was surprised by what exactly was connecting these two together in more ways than the obvious. I didn't get why it was that big of a deal, but hey, I just wanted them to get over all the hurdles and find their way to a happily-ever-after because they clicked in more ways than one. Inked Nights is a super quickie read that I'm giving four stars to. ♥

Date Read: 01 July 2018

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