Review: Fill Me by Michelle Hazen (Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll #0.5)

Yay! I finally made the time to read Fill Me, the prequel to the Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll series. This was a short story that basically introduces readers to the three members of the band The Red Letters--drummer Jera McKnight, bassist Danny O'Neil, and frontman Jax Sterling. They may have been a garage band at the time of this prequel novella, but the promise was as clear as day. These guys were destined for a brighter spotlight, but before it can be fully shone on them, the secrets that they've kept hidden in the dark may need to come to light first and foremost.

Obviously, I ended up reading this short story after having read the first two full-length novels and the novella that came after them. Do I think it's necessary to have read this one before all those? Not really, although I am the kind of the reader that likes to do things in order, but then I had no idea there was a prequel prior to the first novel. I liked getting a peek at how Jera, Danny, and Jax were prior to the versions of them I came across in the books that followed. Michelle Hazen entices readers and if I hadn't already known what was to follow, this prequel novella would have done exactly what it needed to do: make me want to follow The Red Letters on their journey to love, happiness, and fame. While not an absolute must-read, Fill Me proved to be a four-starred intriguing introduction. ♥


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Date Read: 04 July 2018

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