Audiobook Review: Leaning Into the Look by Lane Hayes, narrated by Nick J. Russo (Leaning Into #6)

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There are audiobooks that I listen to without having read the ebook prior, and then there are particular titles which I've already had the pleasure of perusing but I'm also more than curious about when it comes to how it all translates when narration enters the picture. More often than not, both formats are equally good, and then there are those that falter when they become audio; but the rarefied few? Well, the addition of narration elevates everything to a whole new level of awesomeness, and that was exactly the case with Leaning Into the Look, the sixth story in the Leaning Into series by one of my favorite go-to authors, Lane Hayes. Lending his voice and storytelling expertise is Nick J. Russo, a narrator favorite of mine, and this was a showcase for why he's a favorite.

This is the story of thirty-four-year-old former model turned real estate agent Grant Kostas, who is the remaining single guy among his coupled off friends--the happily married Eric Schuster and Zane Richards, Nick Jorgensen who's in a committed relationship with Wes Conrad, and Josh Sheehan who found love with Finn Gallagher. While he may not exactly have a specific person in mind to share the rest of his life with, he's pretty sure it's not going to be thirty-two-year-old Miles Harrison. Yeah, the guy's made no secret of his crush on him, but Grant's made it a habit to keep some distance from Miles. When an unexpected hookup leads to a burgeoning friendship with sexy benefits, Grant finds himself happy with Miles, but is he prepared to stand up to his overbearing father for Miles?

I loved reading Grant and Miles's love story, but gah, how I adored listening to it even more! Lane Hayes, as always, has written a tale of love triumphing over anything or anyone that may stand in the way of a much deserved happily-ever-after. With Nick J. Russo giving voice to both Grant and Miles, I simply sat back as he made me fall in love with the story all over again. These two had me on a roller coaster of emotions, and yes, there were times when I seriously wanted to knock their heads together, but I remained always--ALWAYS--on their side because I had become absolutely invested in them. I love listening to this series, but I confess that it's Leaning Into the Look that's convinced me that the creative duo of Hayes and Russo is a mighty force to be reckoned with. Five-plus stars. ♥

Date Listened to: 18 June 2018

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