Review: Pandemonium by Bella Jewel (MC Sinners Next Generation #1)

Pandemonium is the book that sets things in motion for the new generation of bikers and babes in Bella Jewel's spin-off series, MC Sinners Next Generation, and if the original series started with Hell's Knights president Jackson's daughter Addison, this follow-up series begins with his other daughter, Ava, who is now twenty-four. Ava is taken by yet another of the club's enemies, only this time, there's collateral damage and a choice she was forced to make haunts her incessantly. The one person she seems comfortable enough to open up to is the same man who rescued her after she was left abandoned on the streets. But Lucas has his own demons and he's already failed to save those who meant the world to him before. The fact that he happens to be a cop who has his sights set on bringing down the Hell's Knights MC may doom their love, but Ava may never let go of the man who brings her peace.

At twenty-nine, Lucas has already been married twice and his lost three people he loves: the mother of his child at childbirth, his daughter to an accident, and his second wife to addiction. When he comes upon a young woman who has obviously undergone some form of physical and mental trauma, his instincts kick in. He wants to make sure that she's okay and that she won't allow herself to wallow and continue to fall victim to what happened to her. Meeting Ava was unexpected but it changes both her life and his own. Of course, there are a couple of complications to their story, the most obvious being a law enforcer and the daughter of a biker not exactly being a match that'll get the approval of the people around them. But I liked that these two developed an understanding, one that was founded on trust and acceptance, before they even entered into any sort of intimate or romantic relationship.

I'll admit that it's a definite bonus that the original set of characters from the MC Sinners series is still very much around in this spin-off. They bring a sense of familiarity and since I did quite enjoy the first set of books, I like having them around as their children fall in love and try to find their own place in the chaotic MC world. There's a point in the story where I felt for Jackson because the poor man felt so helpless. Ava is the good girl who lost her way and Lucas is the lost man who helps her regain her path, which leads to him finding his own way back again. As was the case in all the MC Sinners books, this story is told from dual points-of-view, though majority of those told from Lucas's are flashbacks, and readers experience the rawness of their emotions as they tell us their story, both as individuals and as a couple. This spin-off is certainly off to a really good start. Pandemonium gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 27 March 2016

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