Review: Music Notes by Lacey Black

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Note to self: Sometimes, out of the fire births a phoenix. Beautiful. Freeing. And that’s when your life takes flight

Music Notes is a contemporary romance standalone written by Lacey Black and it also happens to be my first read from this highly recommended author. This book isn't your ordinary rock star romance and what makes it special isn't just the creativity employed by the author in terms of how the story of a talent show contestant and her famous mentor fall in love plays out but in the presentation itself. Add to that how real both Layne Carter, single mother, waitress, and talented singer that is simply waiting to be discovered and needs that one push (courtesy of a very supportive mother), and Beau Tanner, country superstar and the one mentor on the talent show that Layne didn't consider choosing, were. There's something irresistible about these two and their love story and they're merely part and parcel of what makes this book work in such an impressive fashion. This may have been my introduction to Lacey Black's writing, but after having finished this, I can't wait to sink my proverbial teeth into the rest of her releases.

From the notes to self that serve as Layne's gentle and not-so-gentle reminders to the fork in the road moment in the book that reminded me of the Choose Your Adventure books I loved as a kid, Lacey Black went above and beyond. Her writing is on-point and she isn't telling her readers a story; rather, she's written an extremely good one and lets us experience everything along with Layne and Beau. This book was about Layne's journey of finding herself and going after her dreams, whether they be those as a mother to little Eli, as a singer sharing her talent with the world, or as a woman finally falling for the one man who seems to fit her perfectly. This was a fairly lighthearted read that had its moments of levity and its share of more emotional, angsty drama. I actually pictured the story as one I wouldn't hesitate watching as a movie, either on the big or small screen. Music Notes hit all the right notes (pun very much intended) and felt like the perfect thing to read the entire time I had it open on my tablet. This gets five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 27 March 2016

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