Release Blitz: The Dating Disaster by Saxon James

The Dating Disaster
(Franklin U #2)
by Saxon James
Date Released: September 1, 2022

About The Dating Disaster
One date.
That’s how long it takes for Marshall Harrows to end up on my bad side.
Luckily I have no plans to see the giant teddy bear again. Except, when he shows up as my new housemate, I can’t escape him, and he’s just as irritating as I thought he’d be.
He leaves cupboards ajar and puts empty milk cartons back in the fridge. His bedroom door is always open, I find his underwear on the laundry floor, and he has this whole bashful sweetheart thing going on that I just … can’t … stand.
But the most completely, horribly irritating thing about him, is that he’s totally my type.
And my friends won’t stop setting us on blind dates.

One date.
That’s how long it took for Felix Andrews to steal my heart.
The sparky little spitfire is everything I’m not. Confident, adorable, and completely outspoken.
He also wants nothing to do with me. Which is a real problem when I want to give him everything. Including my virginity.
But the more I try to gain his attention, the more I see the real him. The one who doesn’t feel worthy of being treated like anything other than a one-night stand. So I decide to take matters into my own hands.
A total do-over. One night. One date. Where hopefully I can steal his heart too.

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An Excerpt from The Dating Disaster
“Okay, then what about this”—I wave a hand over myself—“would you change to not be disappointing?”

“We are so not playing that game.”

“Why? You’ve never been worried about offending me before.”

He cocks his head in surprise, and then, as though making a split-second decision, he turns his chair to face me too. Our knees have an inch of space between them, and for some reason, I’m overly aware of the distance. “Fine. You shouldn’t have worn black because you’re basically screaming that you either want to cover sweat patches or are anxious about your body.”

He’s right about the sweat patches but not the rest. I might not be some jacked gym bro, but I’m happy with who I am. “Gotta keep them guessing about that six-pack,” I say dryly, patting my soft stomach.

Felix snorts. “Six-packs are overrated.”

“You have one,” I point out. He’s not overly muscled, more thin and lean than anything, but I definitely noticed his abs when he was wearing that crop top last weekend.

“Barely, and only because it’s everyone else’s type, but it’s not mine.”

“You like big guys, right? You don’t want them ripped?” The guy he was with last weekend looked muscly.


“Then you prefer …”

His eyes drop, slowly running over me, before he jerks them away. Interesting. If I didn’t know better, I’d think maybe I’m exactly Felix’s type. The way he kissed me supports that theory.

Before he can get up and leave—or go back to ignoring me—I ask, “So what color should I have worn, then?”

“Royal blue.” There’s no hesitation in his answer.

“I don’t think I own anything that color.”

“Yes, you do. That button-up with the subtle pineapple pri—” He cuts off, and I lift my eyebrows. That got specific.

“Pineapple shirt for my next date. Got it.”

He reluctantly meets my eyes.

“Anything else?” I ask. “To make sure my date shows up.”

“Yes, don’t slick your hair back like that. You remind me of my dad.”

I bark a loud laugh that sounds closer to my brother’s usual laugh than mine. “I look like a dad, got it.”

“And …”

“Yeah?” Might as well get it all out there.

“Well … maybe don’t shave. Possibly. Just my opinion.”

I reach up and run my hand over my smooth jaw. It’s not something I normally do, but it grows fast and looked too long for meeting someone for the first time. “I didn’t want to look like a mountain man.”

His exhale is short and shaky. “Some of us like mountain men.”

About Saxon James

Saxon James is an author from Australia who’s obsessed with writing queer characters.

She has a range of books from YA to adult and they all have one thing in common: swoony, sweet love.

When not writing, Saxon exists on a diet of coffee and chocolate while putting her KU subscription to the test.

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