Review: Sugar by Mandi Beck (Exposé #4)

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"The only thing I'm helping with is to keep you out of trouble." 
"I'd rather be getting into trouble with you." His twang shouldn't be sexy. I hear it all day. But it is. It's different. Like his grin, it's all Beau. And Beau is nothing but trouble. Sexy trouble with a drawl.

Sugar may be author Mandi Beck's contribution to the multi-authored Exposé series, but if you're a fan of Stoned, the Wrecked series starter, then Addy Mae Masterson should be a familiar name, what with her being a peripheral character. Addy's got a bad habit of getting attached, as evidenced by her disaster of a last relationship, so when she's tasked to make sure that Hard Candy's latest signed artist keeps his public activities and encounters beyond reproach. But there's something about bad boy country star Beau McCrae that has her wanting to keep her distance as well as wishing he would come closer. There's no denying he's hot and talented, but he's also cocky and somewhat of a jackass. He pushes every single one of her buttons but Beau wants nothing more than to rip any buttons off and have his way with her. Addy isn't like the other women he's been with and she's nothing like his late girlfriend either. It's as if Addy doesn't look at him as Beau McCrae the singer and songwriter; instead, she sees Beauregard Everett McCrae, regular guy from Georgetown, Texas. As much as she knows she shouldn't get attached, Addy does. The question is, will Beau hold on just as tightly or will he let his Sugar go for her own good?

I've read several country star romances before, but Mandi Beck's take on the sub-genre is my favorite by far. Consider it at the tippy-top of my list. It's deliciously dirty in all the best ways possible but don't doubt the presence of some pretty dreamy and darling moments. If you've read a Beck-penned novel before, you know that there's an honest-to-goodness, wonderfully weaved story accompanying those sexy and sweet times as well as main characters who demand your full attention lest you miss out on anything good as their relationship develops. Beau and Addy make no apologies for who they are and there's tension from the moment they meet, all due to that decadent mix of love (okay, more of lust) and hate. You know early on that giving in to her attraction to Beau is going to lead Addy to getting attached to him, but how could she not get attached to the man?! Once she saw the person behind the persona, there was no turning back. The thing is, Beau's got some guilt weighing him down and the guy doesn't really think he's worthy of the kind of attachment Addy gives him. It takes some hemming and hawing and a couple of come-to-Jesus moments but that's all part of what makes this a five-plus-starred read. If you've yet to read Mandi Beck, have Beau and Addy take you to church with some Sugar and a whole lot of spice. ♥

Date Read: 07 September 2017

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