Review: Saved by A.M. Arthur (Breaking Free #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.

A.M. Arthur is certainly not a new-to-me author, thanks to having read and loved quite a few of her past work, but her new Omegaverse-set series, Breaking Free, is the first I've read from her, so naturally, I wanted to get my grabby hands and see how it would read. Saved tells the story of a soon-to-be twenty-one-year-old omega named Braun Etting and how years of abuse at the hands of his father and his older brother's own experience with his alpha husband have led to Braun being distrustful of all alphas. When his father dies, leaving Braun at the hands of the authorities that send him to a halfway house, he knows how dire his circumstances are, especially since he's close to experiencing his first heat and turning twenty-one soon, which is considered too old to be mated. After witnessing what looks to be a kidnapping, Braun goes on the run, but finds himself rescued in more ways than one.

At twenty-eight, alpha Tarek Bloom remains unmated, but he isn't exactly on the lookout to remedy that situation. He enjoys his job as a constable and doing right by the victims he encounters. When he's brought in by two betas who happen to be his closest friends to help out a runaway omega they've rescued from a near assault, Tarek is shocked by his immediate connection to Braun Etting. But Braun isn't your typical submissive omega; he's feisty and refuses to stand idly by when he feels the need to disagree with Tarek, something which omegas know they should never do with an alpha. It's this side of Braun--along with his physical appeal--that further calls to Tarek. But he refuses to pursue anything with Braun, not until he's able to prove to his little firecracker that he's nothing like Braun's abusive father or brother-in-law. Can Tarek overcome over two decades of abuse and claim Braun's heart?

If my memory serves me right, I'd only read one other Omegaverse story prior to this one, but A.M. Arthur's series starter gave me a far clearer picture as to how the societal hierarchy works among the alphas, betas, and omegas. I liked that Braun had more of a backbone as to what other omegas seemed to have. This made him a far more interesting main character, one who realized that he could create for himself a greater purpose than the one instilled in him by his abusive father and by society in general. Of course, Tarek isn't your usual alpha either, which made him refreshing, although I do admit that there times that I felt he kowtowed a tad too much even though the first time was for something bigger than themselves and the second time was due to his connection to Braun. Overall, Saved had an original feel to it and it has me anticipating the second book, Freed, in the series. Four stars. ♥

Release Date: 12 September 2017

Date Read: 11 September 2017

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