Review: The Promise of Hope Shelter by Sarah Hadley Brook

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Promise of Hope Shelter is a novella written by Sarah Hadley Brook and it's a touching love story about a young man who wants to serve a greater purpose in memory of his grandparents who loved him dearly and whom he hopes to make proud. When twenty-six-year-old Jacob Baumgardner decides to use the building and the accompanying inheritance left to him by his grandparents to bring to life a shelter for homeless gay teenagers. It's going to take quite a bit to get everything to pass inspection, so the appearance of twenty-five-year-old handyman Luka Smith is a godsend. The attraction Jacob feels for Luka is immediate and is very much mutual. Everything may seem to be happening really quickly between Jacob and Luka, but there's no denying their growing feelings and the fact that they've found a home with each other. However, evil, homophobic forces are watching and will do whatever is necessary--even stoop to blackmail and extortion--in order to make sure that The Promise of Hope Shelter will be forced to close its doors. Will Jacob realize in time he isn't alone in fighting for what matters most?

I quite liked this feel-good quickie read! Sarah Hadley Brook seems to have found her niche when it comes to these short stories and novellas that always have heart in them (although I certainly wouldn't mind reading a full-length novel if she decides to venture that way in the future!). One of my favorite things about her most recent writing endeavor is how the main characters are trying to find their place in a world that isn't necessarily welcoming of where they want their place to be. This is the kind of story where the good guys and bad guys are clear-cut. You pretty much know who the villains are and figuring out who's behind all the extortion isn't that difficult, not when there are no other potential suspects other than that particular individual. That doesn't really matter all that much, especially since this book isn't a mystery suspense thriller. The Promise of Hope Shelter does what it's supposed to and that to give you a story that makes you feel good about how everything turns out in the end for everyone concerned (including those bad guys). Sweet and sappy and satisfying, The Promise of Hope Shelter gets four stars! ♥

Date Read: 03 September 2017

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