Review: Leo Loves Aries & Leo Tops Aries by Anyta Sunday (Signs of Love #1-#1.5)


Note: The full-length ebook was provided by the author via A Novel Take PR in exchange for an honest review and the short story is a personal copy.

Leo Loves Aries is a quirky M/M contemporary romance and my first ever read from author Anyta Sunday. This is also her Signs of Love series starter, and it certainly proved to be harbinger of how good everything else (so far) to follow was (because as I write this review, I've already read the two currently available full-length novels and a free short story). I make no secret of my addiction to angst when it comes to my romance reads (even a tiny dose of it will suffice!), but then I also happen to be quite a fan of quirkiness, and Leo Loves Aries has quite a bit of quirky goodness mixed in with high quality writing, a strong friends-to-lovers story, and two main characters who I knew were perfect for each other--as did a couple of the peripheral characters--even as one of them so needed cluing in!

It's bad enough that Theodore Wallace is suffering from a broken heart, but the fact that his twin sister has suffered the same fate because it was Leone's boyfriend who ended up falling in love with Theo's girlfriend makes things worse. Add to that this unceasing desire their exes seem to have that they all remain friends. When a save-the-date card shows up, Leone decides that it's time for them to move on and the best way to do it is by finding each other dates to take with them to their exes' wedding. Theo thinks their new housemate is a good fit for his twin, especially since their mother insists Leos like them should each be with an Aries, which is exactly what Jamie Cooper is. The more he gets to know Jamie, the more perfect he seems...just, maybe not for Leone...but for Theo.

What wasn't to love about this book?! Theo was a good guy and I simply adored Jamie and while everyone could see that there was something more than friendship going on between them, Theo was teeny tiny bit clueless. Okay, he was A LOT clueless, but that doesn't mean he was totally oblivious to the fact that what he was beginning to feel for the guy who became his best friend went beyond the platonic. I loved that I got to see their journey from the former tutor-student connection to forging a friendship that would ultimately lead to more. Can I also say that I consider it a bonus that Leone found her own happiness as well, and I seriously wasn't a fan of either of their exes because the twins deserved better. Leo Loves Aries was one of my favorite reads this week and gets five stars.

Leo Tops Aries is a free short story that serves as the perfect epilogue to Leo Loves Aries. We find Jamie Cooper and Theo Wallace still very much in love, but a bit of one-upmanship has both guys making bets on who'll give in first. Theo plans on holding out for as long as he can, but when Jamie offers up something that Theo never thought possible, they could very well both end up winning. They weren't the only winners either. This quickie read was fun, flirty, and was the exclamation point to the fantastic full-length novel that came before it. There isn't any conflict and there wasn't a hint of angst, yet shockingly enough, I still loved every single word of it. The novel hooked and reeled me in, and this beautiful bonus was what's going to keep me perusing this fab series. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 30 August 2017

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