Review: Her Hometown Girl by Lorelie Brown (Belladonna Ink #3)

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This was supposed to be the happiest day of Tansy Gavin's life, but when the bride-to-be catches her fiancée having sex with a member--a male one at that!--of the catering staff, all those months of planning are thrown to the wayside. Instead of standing beneath an archway filled with flowers, twenty-five-year-old Tansy's lying in a chair at Belladonna Ink getting herself tattooed by an artist named Cai. She's getting the tattoo she's always wanted, which is something her ex thought was unappealing, but Tansy's certainly not going to care what the woman thinks now. Not anymore. It's time to move on and, quite possibly, that means moving back to her hometown of Idaho. When she dates and then falls for thirty-nine-year-old Cai, she wonders if the woman who inked her skin--the same one who's now under it--would be willing to make a home with her all the way in Idaho...

Lorelie Brown has done it again with this third release in her Belladonna Ink series! This has become one of my favorite F/F romance series, and Her Hometown Girl reiterates just how good a decision it was for me to add these books on my list. If my memory isn't failing me, I don't recall Cai being mentioned in the first two books, but I'm guessing she's probably the oldest tattoo artist there since the others that have been mentioned are still in their twenties. Her being almost forty and Tansy in her mid-twenties gave this a May-December feel, but the focus of the story isn't really on the nearly decade and a half difference in their ages. Cai's got one dark chapter in her past, but then so does Tansy, and we see the two of them struggle to overcome both in order to even have a shot at being together. Tansy's secret stays a secret longer than Cai's, but it did explain why she acted the way she did at times.

Tansy's plans after ending her relationship with her bitch of an ex involved her moving back to Idaho to be closer to her family. Of course, falling in love with Cai gave her pause as to what would happen now that she's found someone that she believes is the right person for her. The fact that Cai considers California home is, clearly, a hurdle in any sort of future they would have together. So, does Tansy stay or does she go? Well, you'll have to read the book on your own because I surely won't spoil it for you. What I will say is that the author did a fantastic job letting their story play out the way she did. I was worried this would be a rebound romance that would lead to niggling doubts on my part, but nope! Another bonus was, once again, this book truly stands alone, with all three books having exclusive story lines and original main characters. I'm giving Her Hometown Girl five out of five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 04 September 2017

Date Read: 02 September 2017

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