Review: Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken (Players Game #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Skyscape and Two Lions in exchange for an honest review.

Rachel Van Dyken takes on sports romance with the same wit and humor that she peppered her Consequences series. In Fraternize, the first in her new Players Game series (also from the Amazon-owned Skyscape publishing arm), we're introduced to Emerson Rodner, a professional cheerleader who passes the audition to become part of the cheer squad of the NFL's Bellevue Bucks. She's paired with the two star players from the team--quarterback Miller Quinton and wide receiver Grant Sanchez. Miller was her childhood best friend and her first love but then he went and broke her heart. However, Miller doesn't quite remember events leading to the end of their friendship and romance quite like Emerson does. Then there's Grant, who has his sights set on the new cheerleader's heart.

Cheerleader Emerson Rodner isn't stick-thin, what with her curves being mentioned rather often throughout the book--heck, one of the other main character's even nicknames her "Curves"--and her more shapely figure was seen as a deterrent to her career. Now, she's got a shot to prove how wrong her detractors were...if only she wasn't so distracted by the team's wide receiver, Grant Sanchez. The guy has a reputation for being the best in his position in the league, but he's also got a rep for far more intimate positions that he engages in with women. But the guy's crushing on her and he's intent on having her full attention. However, his teammate and close friend, quarterback Miller Quinton may have something to say. Two guys, one girl. Does Emerson choose her old love or her new one?

I've enjoyed quite a few Van Dyken reads over the past few years. She rarely disappoints and regardless of what genre she's currently offering her readers, there's always humor in it, albeit in varying doses. In this story shared by Emerson, Miller, and Grant, she gives us a story with feels, but also one that gives us something to think about. Neither Miller nor Grant are bad guys. They both have qualities about them that make them endearing, and same with Emerson. There isn't much to hate about the characters or the story, and I liked how the whole who-is-she-going-to-choose played out and was eventually resolved. And yes, the guy who doesn't get chosen by Emerson does get his own happily-ever-after in the next book. Fraternize ticked quite a few boxes, so I'm giving it 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 14 September 2017

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