Review: Can't Live Without You by Andrew Grey (Forever Yours #1)

Note: This ebook was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.

Can't Live Without You is the first book in author Andrew Grey's Forever Yours series from Dreamspinner Press and it's a second chance romance between two best friends who haven't heard from one another in seven years, a separation that was forced upon them by rejection and one dark secret. Justin Grove was nineteen the last time he was in his hometown of Biglerville, Pennsylvania. Upon his return, the rest of the world knows him as Justin Hawthorne, admired and respected Hollywood actor with an even more promising future than his already successful present. It's Justin's past, however, that he has no choice but to deal with now that he's back. His father threw him out because he was gay, and he left his best friend and first love George Miller without a word of goodbye. Even with seven years and a great deal of distance between them, the feelings they once had are still very much there. But how can anything come from their being together, what with Justin's career based in Los Angeles and George's mother and life in Biglerville? They lived without each other before, but can they do it again?

This book left me feeling torn and iffy, especially when it came to one of the main characters. Justin left George behind and the real reason isn't revealed until much later in the story. It was certainly a viable reason, but I had questions, especially since part of why he left and stayed away had to do with protecting George, yet Justin never really bothered to take the time to check in with anyone in Biglerville to see if George was actually okay. There was also George's quick acceptance of Justin's return, almost as if his heart wasn't broken at nineteen and he didn't mourn the end of their relationship. Can I also say that I wasn't a fan of Justin's best friend, Ethan Houghton? He was overly familiar and overly involved in Justin's life and even seemed to relish pointing out just how much more he knew Justine than George did. It was like he was going out of his way to be scene-stealer. Then there was Justin's whining and complaining about his life as an actor and celebrity, yet he stayed exactly where he was. Ugh. George was a dear, as was his mother, but he was too nice of a guy at times. Three stars for Can't Live Without You. ♥

Date Read: 08 September 2017

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