Review: From a Jack to a King by Scotty Cade

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

Being the bookaholic that I am, there are authors whose work I have yet to peruse--so many, so little time and all that jazz--and I've got their names on a list separate to that of my never-ending to-be-read list for books. It's all about being organized, but I digress. Scotty Cade happens to be one of those authors on the aforementioned list, but before you start flinging poker chips my way for being remiss in my reading duties, I'm happy to report that I can now check him off to list thanks to his latest release, From a Jack to a King. Set in a city known for its share of secrets and sin, this story pairs off a bestselling novelist named Jack Robbins who isn't comfortable in his own skin and Matthew Slater, better known by his moniker of "King", a porn star named who may not have a problem showing skin--and far more--but there's a big difference between sating a physical need and engaging in intimacy.

My first Scotty Cade read proved to be a really interesting one, thanks to two main characters who didn't seem to have a whole lot in common but turned out to be the perfect fit one another. Their meeting was the beginning of a series of happenstance that could be seen as exactly that--coincidences--or maybe there was something more at play. Either way, Jack and Matt slash King aren't necessarily experts when it comes to love and commitment, and they do have their share of disagreements here, a lot of which are brought on by a lack of communication or making assumptions. These two men were entertaining as they flirted and fumbled their way to something that transitioned from the physical to more than that. They had their respective issues, but half the fun of this book was seeing them figure out how to be better, more open versions of themselves. From a Jack to a King gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 01 July 2018

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