Review: Juked by M.E. Carter (Texas Mutiny #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

I'm a book hoarder. I don't pretend to be anything else. I see a book that has a synopsis that calls to me, and if it happens to be on sale (hooray for 99-cent sales on Amazon and Kobo), I'll one-click it. Paperbacks and hardcovers are far more irresistible but that's a whole different story. So, I've had M.E. Carter's Change of Hart on my tablet for some time now, but as usual, time refuses to slow down and allow me to work my way through my never-ending waiting-to-be-read pile (which, by the way, is different from my to-be-bought-and-read pile). As appears to be the pattern (a different pattern from Daniel Zavaro's) as of late, my first read from an author is not the one that's waiting for me on my e-reader but the one I signed up for because of a blog tour or release blitz. In the case of M.E. Carter, that book is none other than her latest release, the sports romance standalone, Juked, which is about the captain of a professional soccer team, twenty-nine-year-old Daniel Zavaro, and twenty-four-year-old hairstylist and guardian to her two-month-old nephew Chance, Quincy Watson, and how love can develop even in their label-less relationship.

Daniel Zavaro may be one of the most eligible men in his home state of Texas and he isn't looking to change his single status any time soon...or ever. When his father announced that he was leaving his family behind to shack up with his mistress when Daniel was eighteen has the soccer star unwilling to commit to anyone, believing that commitment doesn't guarantee a happily-ever-after. He's happy with his life, focusing on being the captain of his team, hooking up with whichever woman catches his fancy, and hanging out with his mother, siblings, and their families whenever he can. When he spies the beautiful blonde staring at every single kind of baby formula lining the supermarket aisle one evening, with a wailing baby on her arm, Daniel is intrigued. A second unplanned meeting at the supermarket sparks the beginning of a friendship with Quincy Watson, one that later leads to benefits they both want. Neither one is looking to slap a label on their relationship, but when little Chance uses his own label for Daniel and someone unexpected appears at Quincy's doorstep, they'll both have to decide what it is they really want.

This was a good story that had its share of unique touches. Daniel and Quincy are highly likable characters and there's some believable chemistry going on between them. What they have is an easy-going relationship that's supposed to be free of all the entanglements that labeled, committed relationships have, but just because a relationship lacks a label doesn't mean that it isn't exactly that: a relationship, one that, for whatever length of time, requires some amount of commitment. I wasn't a fan of most of Daniel's family, especially with regards to what happened when they met Quincy for the first time. Then there's Daniel himself, whose own actions were such a disappointment later on in the story, but I do get that it's all part of his evolution as a character, and well, who wants a perfect main character, right? On the other hand, Quincy was such a great female main character. She was independent but was still trying to find her way when it came to the new circumstances of her life. All in all, Juked was a good, four-starred romance. ♥

Release Date: 16 June 2016

Date Read: 16 June 2016

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