Review: The Good Guy Challenge by Lauren Blakely (The Dating Games #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Let the dating games commence again! The Good Guy Challenge is book two in Lauren Blakely's Dating Games series, and dare I say that it's one of the hottest reads that she's penned in recent memory? That's saying something considering Blakely does not shy away from the heat factor in her romances. Another thing to note, as is often the case with this author's books, this new read shares ties with other series, but this works quite well as a standalone, so feel free to dive in if you're new to Blakely or if you have yet to read the series starter, The Virgin Next Door. Of course, you can always read it after this.

Ellie Snow has a thing for bad boys, but after her last experience ended with her landing in prison, she found herself wondering about her choices. So when her closest friends challenge her to go for a good guy instead, she decides to take it--and she's even got the ideal person in mind. Years ago, she had a major crush on Gabe Clements, her former babysitter and all-around good guy who just happens to now be a pro football player that's been traded to Los Angeles, aka her new home after leaving New York to work on the television show she's created. The thing is, Gabe is flirty and fun--and wickedly dirty. He suggests they spend the week together, but what if Ellie ends up dreaming of forever?

An age-gap romance (Ellie is twenty-six, and Gabe is thirty-six) with the guy you crushed on as a teen, and it's penned by Lauren Blakely? Yes, please! Even before the story starts, Blakely has a "heat warning" for readers, and boy, oh boy, calling this book "hot" would be an understatement. I highly suggest you read this in a room with the air conditioner turned to high cool because while Gabe is a good guy with a giving heart, he's an undeniable bad boy when it comes to the bedroom (or wherever he and Ellie can't hold back any longer), and Ellie matches his naughty streak rather nicely, or should I say, naughtily. I enjoyed the heck out of their story, and there are a number of supporting characters whose stories I look forward to reading. The Good Guy Challenge gets 4.5 stars!


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Release Date: 08 November 2022

Date Read: 06 November 2022

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