Review: No Fear by Nora Phoenix (No Shame #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Michelle Slagan in exchange for an honest review.

I admit that I wasn't completely sold on the first book in the No Shame series, and while the second one was better, I was still a bit wary about the whole intersecting of lives and loves among the four men involved by then. The third novel, however, has managed to do what the first two didn't--it had me totally focused on my tablet from start to finish, and No Fear isn't exactly a quick read, so that's saying something! As was the case in the other books, we have a new couple's story, but we also get developments and what looks like a possible resolution concerning the series's story arc. That being said, these books do need to be read in order and not as standalones.

At twenty-four, Aaron Gordon finds himself in the same boat as his older brother Josh. He's been disowned by his religiously conservative parents, and the life that he once knew has been pulled out from under him. Blake Kent, a Brazilian-jiujitsu and friend of Josh's along with the three men in Josh's life, offers Aaron a place to stay as well as a mentor of sorts as Aaron explores his sexuality. Blake tells Aaron to simply be who he is, but while Blake accepts him, Aaron is faced with rejection from the brother he turned his back on as well as from those who mean the most to his mentor--the very same mentor who Aaron finds himself falling for, but could Blake ever feel the same?

Aside from Aaron and Blake's story, we've also got someone's past coming to make their presence known. Yep, I'm talking about the whole mess Indy Baldwin, aka Stephan Moreau, left behind in Boston. This time around, he's got a strong support system, but the last thing Indy wants is to drag in the two men who are nearest and dearest to him--Noah Flint and Josh Gordon--as well as Josh's boyfriend, Connor O'Connor. Indy's first instinct is to run, but how far can he go, when his heart is in the hands of Noah? Then we're introduced to several other supporting characters, three of whom look to be poised to have their own tale told in the fourth and final (?) No Shame book.

Phoenix's writing felt more on-point here, with a quicker pace to the storytelling and better development in terms of both Aaron and Blake's story as well as the cast of characters. There were still moments when parts of the text felt repetitive, but it was far less than before. I was able to enjoy Aaron and Blake's love story separately from moving forward with the one involving Indy, Noah, Josh, and Connor, plus I'm now quite curious about FBI agent Miles Hampton, math teacher Brad Kent (Blake's younger brother), and drag performer Charlie (no last name yet!). Without a doubt, No Fear is my favorite No Shame novel. It gets four stars and my hopes are high for the next one. ♥ 


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Date Read: 03 January 2018

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