Review: King by J.M. Dabney (Executioners #3)

King is the third book in J.M. Dabney's Executioners series, and it's the story of thirty-year-old Executioners guitarist and long-haul trucker Andrew King and forty-year-old high school teacher and football coach Lincoln Church. King and Linc are former brothers-in-law, King having been married to Linc's younger sister Melanie, and all three of them co-parent King and Mel's three-year-old son Malcolm. King has always loved his ex-wife, the woman who still remains his best friend, but he's wanted Linc ever since they first met. He isn't sure he can do anything about it, not if it may mean costing him Linc's friendship if he's rejected. The thing is, Linc wants King just as much, having fallen for King over the time they've known each other. But wanting to your sister's ex-husband is all kinds of wrong...right? So, what happens when the one person they wanted to avoid hurting is the same one pushing them together? And if King and Linc do explore their feelings for one another, how will the dynamic they've had for three years with young Mal be affected? King and Linc will have to learn that a love like theirs is worth fighting for.

This book came close to knocking the Executioners series starter, Ghost, from its perch as my favorite book in the series. I quite enjoyed reading about how King and Linc, two ex-brothers-in-law, work up their courage to pursue a relationship that they once believed was either taboo or would end up costing them more than they were willing to sacrifice. Then there was also their respective relationships with Mel, King's ex-wife and Linc's sister, were going to be moving forward. If there was one character that I liked most, it had to be Mel. She provided that voice of reason that both King and Linc desperately needed to hear. She was understanding and supportive, noting that she had paid better attention to the two most important men in her life, recognizing their feelings for each other early on. The author created a really good story, one that had moments of lightheartedness that I appreciated. As much as I loved this third in a series, I couldn't give it five stars because there were times when there was a wee bit too much one step forward, two steps back for King and Linc, plus there was a continuity issue with regards to King supposedly not telling Mel his feeling for Linc, and yet they have one conversation where it seems that they already did have said discussion about the whole Linc issue. Still, King was an overall good read and gets 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 03 January 2018

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