Review: Cowboy Stole My Heart by Soraya Lane (River Ranch #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.

Soraya Lane is back with a brand-new series and it's the spin-off to her Texas Kings series, which I rather enjoyed. River Ranch is also set in Texas, and it starts off with Cowboy Stole My Heart, which is the story of Sam Mendes, older brother of Faith and best friend to Nate King and he was introduced in that couple's own book, I Knew You Were Trouble, the third and final Texas Kings novel about the King brothers. Here, Sam is a horse whisperer whose is renowned for his successful techniques in handling horses that are considered troublesome. While others may choose to give up on these kinds of horses, Sam dedicates himself to giving each horse he encounters every possible chance he can. He's been touring the country, sharing his expertise with audiences who attend his events. He no longer takes on private clients, but when he's contacted by the Ford family patriarch to work with a stallion named Tex his daughter purchased, Sam's curiosity gets the better of him and off to River Ranch he goes. Instead of Walter Ford, though, it's Mia Ford, Tex's owner, who greets him, and the sparks fly straight away between them.

If you like your cowboys all broody and nursing a broken heart, Sam may fit the bill. He constantly tries to stop himself from pursuing anything with Mia, and it got frustrating numerous times. He would go back and forth, but when they agreed to their whole three-week fling, he let himself go so that he could simply be with Mia. However, there was a point late in the book that I seriously wished Tex would've kicked him in the nether regions for how he treated Mia. Seriously, the guy was a first-rate jerk, and I understand that he has his reasons for not wanting to put his heart on the line once again, but come on! Talk about callous. Ugh. He had his best friend AND his sister calling him out on his bad behavior, so obviously, I wasn't the only one ticked off. I also think Mia forgave him way too easily, but oh well. The heart wants what it wants, and we do get a happy ending, so everyone wins (though I wish he would have groveled more than he did). My dissing of Sam aside, I did enjoy the book, and I loved Mia as well as her brother Tanner, plus the rehabilitation of Tex. Four stars for Cowboy Stole My Heart (bonus points for Blue!). ♥

Date Read: 07 January 2018

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