Review: Chore Play by Piper Rayne (Dirty Truth #3)

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No one's got move quite like Jagger. Jagger Kale, that is, manwhore extraordinaire with not a wee bit of remorse for his rather rakish ways. He isn't looking to put a ring on any woman's finger. His heart is his own. Well, not really. It once belonged to the girl who brought sunshine and happiness into his days, making him see that there was more to his life of privilege. Naturally, Jagger repaid all of Quinn Ryan's love with a bit of cheating, all for her viewing displeasure, breaking her sixteen-year-old heart right before he went off to college. Fast forward fourteen years later and Jagger is in the middle of stepping in for his former nanny turned owner of a cleaning business as she deals with health issues. She implores him to do a good job because she needs this new client. Of course, Jagger doesn't realize that the new client is none other than his ex-girlfriend--his first and only love. Quinn is as shocked as he is, and she would love nothing more than for him to leave. However, Jagger sees this as his shot to be back in Quinn's graces--and possibly even back in her heart--because being together again would be no chore.

Chore Play is the third and final novel in the Dirty Truth trilogy from the writing duo of Piper Rayne, and I was both apprehensive and anticipatory about this one. I have not been a fan of Jagger's from the moment he was introduced in the first book, and it was something that continued on in the second one. Yes, he was this gorgeous guy who could have anything and anyone he wanted, but that didn't give him permission to be an asshat, which is exactly what he was. Now, did Jagger have some sort of epiphany in his own book and stop being an asshat? Nope, he was still an asshat, except this book also allowed me to see him in a better light of sorts. He clearly loved his former nanny and thought of her daughter as his sister. He was also loyal to his best friends and would do anything for them. He could also be rather sweet and sentimental when he allowed himself to be, as evidenced by how he was with Quinn at times. Jagger wasn't an ogre who thought everyone was beneath him. While money doesn't fix all the world's problems, Jagger didn't hesitate to use his for the betterment of those who mattered most to him.

But as much as I realized that Jagger wasn't a total asshat, there were things about this second chance love story he shared with Quinn that I wasn't too thrilled about. He made a choice when he was heading off to college, a choice he believed was best for Quinn but never bothered to consult her about. Yep, he thought he knew better. Sigh. What is it with men (or women) who think it's okay to make a life-changing decision and take action without doing the one thing that would have spared everyone concerned heartache? COMMUNICATE, PEOPLE!!! Ugh. But yeah, I get it. He did what he did because he loved her, but he could have gone about it in a completely less heart-shattering way. Then there was this whole thing where they seemed to easily slip into their old relationship without truly getting into the nitty-gritty of what happened fourteen years ago. Again, communication would have helped. Lastly, there was the book issue, and while I got why Jagger was upset, he was one to talk, and the holier than thou attitude made me want to smack him. Chore Play was a four-starred read, even if Jagger was an asshat. ♥


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Release Date: 05 January 2018

Date Read: 02 January 2018

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