Review: "Indecent...Nights" by Jane O'Reilly (Indecent #1-#3)

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Indecent...Nights is a compilation of the three novellas in the Indecent series by author Jane O'Reilly. I'm going to give a short synopsis and review and then a rating for each of the three stories. I'll then put together an overall review and rating for the compilation afterwards. ^.^

Indecent...Exposure - four stars

Ellie Smithson is a professional photographer known for her formal portraiture, but she's gaining quiet popularity in erotic photography as well, something she considers an illicit side business. When her best friend Amber Jones demands she takes erotic photos of her giving oral stimulation to another man to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, Ellie's shocked to find out Amber's partner is Ellie's accountant and longtime crush--Tom Hunt. When a quiet but intense connection between Ellie and Tom is made, is it just two voyeurs looking for mutual perverse satisfaction or could it be the beginning of something more?

This was a good start to the set and introduces readers to Ellie and Tom, who star in this particular story, and also Amber and Scott, Ellie's best friend and twin brother, respectively. The dynamic between Ellie and Tom was interesting because they obviously both had some sort of attraction towards each other for years but never really did anything about it nor realized that it was mutual. Ellie being somewhat shy and Tom being somewhat geeky made what the things they did together show that, with the right person, you can truly be yourself. Indecent...Exposure was steamy and had a feel of a friends to lovers theme to it.

Indecent...Proposal - 3.5 stars

Amber Jones is finally letting go of her ex...and her ex's now-wife. After months of engaging in threesomes after she was invited to join them in bed, Amber needs something new to distract her from the heartbreak. While the guy she meets at her ex's wedding, Lucas Brady, is in fact fun and distracting, what knocks her off-balance is Scott Smithson. They've never liked each other, but that night of the wedding changes everything. Amber's very much aware of her attraction to Scott but he's also making her feel things that she doesn't think she wants or is ready for. Will it be too late for her too realize that she's ready right now?

Scott and Amber seemed like a pairing that was destined to fail but then two people who appear to be opposites may actually be hiding something that makes them similar, and with these two, it was in the most basic of needs. I wasn't really a fan of Amber's in the first story and while she did grow on me here in the second story, I still didn't like her as much as I did Ellie. She was mean toward Scott a number of times, and the fact that he was nice to her even after she was mean just won him bonus points as far as I was concerned. Indecent...Nights was an okay enemies to lovers story but the ending seemed a bit too rushed.

Indecent...Desires - 4.5 stars

Lucas Brady thought he found the right kind of woman in Amber Jones, but the fact that she was in love with someone else made him realize it was time to look elsewhere. When he begins to receive notes instructing him what he should do when pleasuring himself in front of his window, Lucas wishes he knew who the mystery woman was. Arriving at a client's office to handle the computer maintenance, he meets Meredith French, ten years his senior. She's a beautiful, no-nonsense kind of woman, they type Lucas has been searching for. Will Lucas and Meredith be able to handle their realities far exceeding their fantasies?

I loved Lucas and Meredith! Age wasn't too much of a factor for either of them and they were finally able to admit to and do something about their sexual proclivities. There was a sweetness to Lucas that I just thought added to his appeal and Meredith so needed to loosen up and she found herself doing that with Lucas. I thought the story was original and creative and that it had heart to it. Both Lucas and Meredith were great lead characters and two people that I could actually imagine being together for the long haul. I admit it: Indecent...Desires is my favorite among the three stories and the one that did well as a novella. ♥

I liked that the three stories had some sort of connection to one another but could still be read as standalones. There's a lot of steam in each one but there are varying amounts of romance as well, so it isn't mere smut that you'll be getting. It was an overall enjoyable read and for those who, like me, weren't able to read the stories when they were individually released last year, Indecent...Nights will prove to be convenient because you've got three good stories to keep you company for a couple hours or so. I was able to finish the book in one sitting and it wasn't a terribly long read, so feel free to check it out. Four stars! ♥

Release Date: 03 March 2015

Date Read: 03 March 2015

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