Review: Seducing Lauren by Kristen Proby (Love Under the Big Sky #2)

They may have known each other growing up, but it's only in the past six months that lawyer Ty Sullivan has begun to see Lauren Cunningham as someone he'd like to get to know more intimately. He's already drawn to her, but when Lauren's ex-husband begins to make threats and makes moves to gain access to her trust fund, Ty's protectiveness going into full swing. He knows Lauren is an independent woman, but the idea of her coming into any sort of harm leads him to stay in close proximity to her to make sure she's safe. Trusting someone like Ty feels way too easy for Lauren and she shares with him a secret that she knows could cause her even more problems with her ex-husband should it ever see the light of day. With Ty by her side, Lauren truly grows into the woman she's meant to be, but her ex-husband isn't done with her yet.

Seducing Lauren is the second novel in the Love Under the Big Sky series from bestselling author Kristen Proby and shifts the spotlight to Ty Sullivan, a practicing lawyer known for his tenacity in the courtroom, and Lauren Cunningham, a descendant of the original founders of the town of Cunningham Falls who has a secret job that nearly no one knows about. Lauren's previous marriage ended acrimoniously and her ex-husband continues to seek ways to get a piece of the trust fund her parents left her after they passed away. Ty has been interested in Lauren from afar, but with the intense interest her ex is showing in her inheritance and his being partners with her lawyer, he finds an unexpected opportunity to be closer to her. The two are able to lay a solid foundation of friendship even as they begin to fall in love with one another.

I loved how this love story had elements of suspense in it, courtesy of Lauren's jerk of an ex-husband. I know he's the bad guy, but it doesn't stop me from being surprised when each thing he does to scare or hurt Lauren reaches depths of depravity and violence. I also liked how Ty and Lauren had such a strong relationship that was based on love, trust, respect, and friendship and the support Ty showed Lauren earned the guy bonus book boyfriend points. Add to that his being an amazing brother to Jillian, an understanding brother figure to Cara Donovan, and a loyal best friend to Josh and Zack King. And Lauren was an unexpectedly wonderful heroine, who was this wealthy woman who had her own share of quirks and went after her dream with zest. Yes, I admit it. Seducing Lauren is my favorite in the series. Five stars. ♥

Date Read: 12 December 2015

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