Review: Fauxmance by L.H. Cosway (Showmance #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.

For weeks, thirty-two-year-old Julian Fairchild has been an avid audience of one to the very entertaining conversations between two best friends who frequent the same coffee shop that he does. Admittedly, he's more drawn to redheaded Elodie, who doesn't seem to lack for attention nor affection from any of the men he hears her talking about with her bestie. When he finally gets up close and personal with her, however, Julian can't help but notice that there are certain things about her that don't click with the confident and carefree woman he's been watching. Then he discovers that Elodie is actually Ellen Grant, who at thirty, isn't as worldly and experienced as her vivacious alter-ego. Offering to help Ellen bolster her self-belief by introducing her to new people and exciting things could be a way for Julian to spend time with the woman who's occupied every waking thought for so long while also allowing her to grow into the version of herself that she's most comfortable with. But when they cross the line, will she believe Julian likes the real Ellen and not Elodie, and can a male escort like Julian truly find love?

Julian Fairchild was such a standout supporting character in the Showmance and I'm thrilled that not only does he get his shot at a happily-ever-after her in Fauxmance but that his story is just as enthralling as that of his best friend's. From the get-go, the complications involving this romance between Julian and Ellen are obvious: he's a male escort who trusts in lust more than he does in the idea of love--at least for himself--and she's keeping her identity as a bestselling author a secret. Once again, L.H. Cosway adds her own delightfully creative spin to this story, making it far more than the usual romance that has two people who are set on keeping things platonic tripping their way into love. This is a bit more risque compared to the first book, which I quite liked given that Julian has always been very sexual and introducing Ellen into the pleasures her body has been missing out on was part and parcel of their evolving relationship. The romance itself was a slow burn, but the connection and sexual tension was there from the get-go. Fauxmance, which can be read independently as a standalone, snags five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 13 August 2018

Date Read: 10 August 2018

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