Review: Rock Redemption by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott (Rock Revenge #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors.

"I was alone in my pit." I smiled without mirth. "So, I have no such friendship. But I'm building them. I'm finding my own. Because if all this has taught me anything, it's that love and respect have to be earned. You can't bully them out of people or manipulate your way into someone's heart. Not if you want to stay there."

Talk about ending a series on the highest of high notes! Gah! Anytime that I go into a Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-penned rockstar romance read, it's with confidence in this particular writing duo's already established prowess with this trope. I love that it isn't all about sex with them--although never doubt that there is sex and it's the kind that may require that you have a fan nearby or the air conditioning set on high--because there's a great deal of heart to their stories. Oh, and did I mention the angst? Goodness me, the angst! Sigh. I make no secret of my addiction to angst in the books I read, and these two have perfected the right amount of angst to mix into their tales of music and mayhem and a heck of a lot of lust and love. Quinn and Elliott saved the best Rock Revenge for last as evidenced by the third and final novel in their latest fab trilogy in the Oblivion universe, Rock Redemption.

I don't want to risk slipping any spoilers into this review of mine, but I will mention a few of the basics. This picks up after that cliffhanger of an ending in book two, Rock Reclaimed, and Ian Kagen is in for a whole lot hurt emotionally and loses everything that he never realized has become essential to him. It isn't the fame or the fortune, and now he's going to have to get his life in order if he hopes to have the woman he's fallen for, Zoe Manning, see him for the man he wants to be rather than the one everyone seems to hate. We've got more than a bit of Simon and Margo Kagen in the story, as well as some familiar peeps for longtime fans of Quinn and Elliott. No names, but trust me, you may squee in delight when they cross your radar. Please note that you'll need to read this trilogy in order (and why not throw in the Lost in Oblivion books to boot?!). Five-plus stars go to Rock Redemption. ♥


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Date Read: 01 December 2018

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