Review: The Escort's Tale by M.J. Edwards

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If you follow my reviews, then you know how cautious I can be when it comes to stories involving three-sided relationships. I don't actively avoid this particular romance sub-genre, and I've read M/F/M, M/M/F, M/M/M, F/F/M, and F/F/F. I just tend to be wary because I need to be able to believe that by the end of it all, the three people involved are equally in love with and committed to one another. That may sound simple enough, but that's a rather mean feat to accomplish, and well, I'm way cynical and skeptical--weird for a voracious romance reader like me, I know--and this is why authors who are able to make my heart skip a beat and clench for their three characters and the story they have to tell get kudos from me. The list is short, but I'm adding M.J. Edwards to, Edwards being the pen name of Robert Winter, an author who has already impressed me with his writing before.

Jasper Dylan is the titular character in M.J. Edwards's initial offering, The Escort's Tale. Going by the professional name of JD Pierce, he's already got a solid reputation and a list of satisfied clients, many of whom come back for more. The former army soldier knows his bisexuality works to his advantage in his line of business, and while he does solo clients, couples have always been his favorite. When he receives an email from a married woman named Alethia Ballantine, he's intrigued by her motivation to procure the services of an escort. Jasper learns that Ali's husband, Nick, survived a climbing accident that's left him a paraplegic, and while they've adjusted to their new normal, the married couple's sex life has suffered. What can an escort like Jasper offer that doctors and experts haven't before? And when all has said and done, how will their lives change and will this escort's tale end happily?

I love it when an author manages to surprise and surprise me M.J. Edwards did. From the direction the story took and the way the three main characters plus a few select supporting characters were portrayed and developed, I couldn't simply lean back and enjoy because I found myself sitting up and taking notice each time. I already knew going in that Robert Winter was an author who knew how to write compelling stories, but with this added element of eroticism here--although nothing that I would label as kinky or taboo since well, I don't really consider threesomes or throuple relationships as taboo as I would have thought so, say, about ten years ago (with age comes wisdom after all!). Jasper truly was the heart of this story, and while I felt his relationship with Nick was more delved into than with Ali's, by the end of The Escort's Tale, I did believe these three were in love. Five stars. ♥

Date Read: 04 December 2018

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