Review: Fumbled Love by Lila Rose

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

“Still okay for this?” 
“Yes,” I hissed. 
“You know what it means though?” 
“What?” I asked his mouth. 
“You belong to me.” 
I hummed under my breath in contentment at those words. “But you also know it means you belong to me.” 
“Christ, yes,” he got out before he slanted his mouth over mine.

I know we've still got about three and a half weeks before we bid 2018 goodbye, but let me just put this out there: Fumbled Love is one of the best romantic comedy reads I've had the pleasure of perusing this year. Heck, let's make it the past five years! I've read a number of Lila Rose's previous novels, but this latest one from her takes the cake. This was my first rom-com read from her and it was deliciously delightful, making me go from grinning to giggling to outright snort laughing at a couple of points. If you've never read anything from this author, I'm going to very highly recommend that you start off with this one, which happens to be a standalone and probable series starter--or merely a start-off point for a few inter-connected standalones. Either way, just go and start reading this.

Once upon a time (aka back in high school), Carter Anthony was the star athlete destined to play professional football and Reagan Wild was the chubby girl boys like Carter only noticed when it was time to mock her for her size. Fast forward years later and English teacher Reagan is about to have an unexpected reunion with star quarterback Carter while he visits the same school they went to and that Ree now teaches at. He's quickly smitten by her beauty and quirky personality; she doesn't quite understand how someone like him would even notice someone like her. What Ree doesn't realize is that Carter always noticed her back in high school, and this time, he's intent on making his interest known. But will he want to run away as fast and as far as possible once he interacts with her parents or sees that she way weirder than he realized or could these two fumble their way into true love?

From the beginning till the very end, there was nothing about this book that I didn't love. Carter and Reagan were downright adorable and they had the sort of love story that I could actually imagine translating well on the big screen. The fact that they're backed by a host of kooky yet endearing supporting characters--aka those nearest and dearest to them--made this an even more entertaining. I swear, nothing could have distracted me from this book! I mentioned at the start that this could well be the first in a new series or simply the first in a series of inter-connected standalones, what with a couple of side characters totally clicking, and there are others I certainly wouldn't mind getting to know even better. Hint, hint. The writing was spot-on and the humor and wit was anything but irreverent. While I may have yet to read all of Lila Rose's books, I dare say that this is her at her best, and I definitely have my fingers and toes crossed that there's more where Fumbled Love came from. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 04 December 2018

Date Read: 02 December 2018

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