Review: Unimaginable Kindless by Samatha Harris

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Lip Services PR.

Books, like life, don't always come with guaranteed or conventional happily-ever-afters. I'm also not a full-time escapist kind of reader, meaning I don't always read to escape whatever depressing real-life situation may be getting me down. So, when it came to Samatha Harris's novella, Unimaginable Kindness, I didn't have an absolute sort of idea as to what I was going to be reading, but once some bits of information came to light, it was pretty obvious what sort of ending this story would have. HOWEVER (note the all caps), allow me to implore you to give this story a chance because while the ending of this is bittersweet, it does end on a very hopeful note, and to a degree, that held more weight simply based on the events that led to the two teen main characters' paths crossing.

Okay, I may come off as a complete asshat because people reading this will think I gave away the ending and it's sad and there's no point in reading this book. Nope, stop right there. Like I mentioned earlier, this book doesn't have your typical happy ending but it does have a truly hopeful one, and again, I'm encouraging readers to check the book out because it'll give you something to ponder on as well as possibly offering up some bit of inspiration. That's the thing with this novella: yes, there may be parts of it that are heartrending, and yes, there may be parts of it which may not sit well with readers who like their happy endings ready and waiting, but this is worth the read.

Eighteen-year-old Elena Carter wakes up to find a boy who looks to be just a year or so older than her busily scribbling down in her room. Never could she have realized how difficult it would be to get rid of Noah Fletcher, especially since he has no intention of leaving her be. These two seemed to be stuck in a constant battle of wills, but they also had some genuinely touching moments, and even though I already had a feeling how things would go, my heart still ached for the two. Other than a too-quick ending, I appreciated Unimaginable Kindness. 4.5 stars! ♥

Date Read: 19 December 2018

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