Review: All of Me by A.L. Jackson (Confessions of the Heart #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

It was the pinnacle we'd been climbing toward. 
Where everything melted and then melded. 
Where me and this girl became one. 
This was where I offered everything. 
Where it was only Grace and me. 
This...this was where love lived.

A.L. Jackson's novels seriously need to come with some sort of caveat requiring tissues or something more absorbent to sop up all the tears that are guaranteed to leak out of readers. If you're familiar with her work, you know that Jackson knows her way around angst, but the additional element of suspense in this Confessions of the Heart of hers has made me antsy for Jackson's version of angsty (see what I did there with the whole rhyming thing?). And while you don't necessarily need to read the first book in the series, More of You, go ahead and read it anyway since it's about Jace Jacobs, older brother of Ian Jacobs, whose story play out here in book two, All of Me.

Ian Jacobs has never pretended to be someone he's not: a good guy. He's a hell of a good attorney, and that's partly due to the fact that he's ruthless. When he meets Grace Dearborne, he can't quite wrap his head around the fact that he feels protective of her while wanting to possess her fully. They share one night together and then she leaves without a word to him. The next time he does see her is when approaches him as a potential client. She desperately needs a more than capable lawyer on her side--someone who will help her keep custody of her three children, Thomas, Mallory, and Sophia. Ian may very well be Grace's best chance to win against and protect her and the kids from her ex-husband, but can he protect her poor heart from shattering once she entrusts it to him?

Oh, Ian, Ian, Ian. The man was the poster child for the label "complicated", yet how could someone like Grace--or me?!--resist someone like him? There was something about him that made you want to keep your distance but also edge a little closer day by day. Was he a nice guy? Nope, but again, the man was complex, and he had a great deal of love and loyalty when it came to his brother and his brother's family plus his best friend. It's the presence of Grace in his life that makes him realize that happy endings did exist for someone like him--that he was worthy and working towards a life with a woman like Grace and her children was, indeed, worthwhile. But then "complicated" isn't just a word to describe Ian; it also describes the circumstances of his relationship with Grace, and these two had to battle through foes and obstacles, but oh they made me believe. Five-plus stars for All of Me. ♥


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Date Read: 09 December 2018

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