Review: Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott (Beautiful Hearts #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR.

I loved her. My cracked, tarnished heart that was scared to love, loved Autumn Caldwell. My soul sang the words I could never say to her out loud. 
The nib of the pen touched down and I wrote my name. My name. Weston. Because that's what she called me, always. Only. I was her Weston, until the day I died. This day, maybe.

There are love stories that are simply meant to be read, and not just because they're on a publication's current list of bestsellers or because they've been recommended by bloggers and readers who are presently fangirling over it. Some love stories deserve to be read for the simple reason that the tale they tell is what the romance genre is all about. Emma Scott's latest release, Bring Down the Stars, the first in her Beautiful Hearts duet, is exactly that: a love story deserving and worthy of the time you put into it. There's nothing safe nor easy about the story she tells between the covers. Why, there's even a love triangle--gasp! (because there are readers who consider this a hard limit)--and while there's no condoning such a thing within a committed relationship, whether it be one of friendship or romantic, this is not necessarily the kind of cheating often found in today's world of romance fiction.

Bring Down the Stars is the story of two best friends and the girl they both fall in love with--and who falls in love with them. Weston Turner and Connor Drake have been the best of friends since they were twelve years old. There's nothing that they wouldn't do for each other...including step back from any sort of interest one of them may have for a girl named Autumn Caldwell. She's smitten by Connor, and the words that he puts down on paper just for her capture her affections easily. But as much as she loves Connor, there's something about his broody best friend that calls to Autumn. Weston and Connor are nothing alike, so why does she feel pulled in two different directions when she's with them? When Weston speaks, she can't help but listen, and their conversations bring her spirit to life. Choosing between them would be impossible, but the choice may be taken out of her hands once both young men sign up for the military and three hearts and lives are forced into limbo and no guarantees exist...

Sigh. This book was just...gah! I wish I had the perfect word to describe how heartrendingly beautiful this book was, but even if I had a dictionary's worth at my disposal, nothing would be good enough. I've read a few of Emma Scott's stories, and they've all left me more than impressed, but there's something extraordinary about this new one. Maybe because of the complexities involved and how there's more than just one couple and two hearts to take into consideration, mine not included. Yes, there is cheating, but I do encourage readers who aren't offended or don't shy away from stories with cheating to read this book. Why? Because it is SO much more than the cheating. There's the love that Autumn has for both Connor and Weston and vice-versa, the deep bond that Weston and Connor share, and the family dynamics within the Drake homestead. There are no villains here, just complicated circumstances in the midst of falling in love. This does end in a cliffhanger, and add to that the sneak peek to book two? Well, consider me anxious for its release. Bring Down the Stars is a five-plus-starred must-read. ♥

Date Read: 18 August 2018

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