Review: Be Still My Heart by Charlie Cochet (Four Kings Security #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Vibrant Promotions.

While Love in Spades was my introduction to Charlie Cochet's addictive storytelling, I more than made up for my lapse by catching up on her much loved and highly regarded THIRDS series via audiobook while waiting for the release of the second novel in her Four Kings Security series. So, I'm now more than aware of exactly how good Cochet is. I went into her latest book expecting optimum levels of romance and sex and suspense and thrills and I got all that in the awaited story of thirtysomething former Special Forces medical sergeant turned security firm co-owner Russell McKinley and twentysomething fashion photographer Lazarus Galanos. There was a spark of something--a life-altering kind of connection--when they first met in book one, and now they get their shot at love.

Red McKinley may have met the men who have become his brothers-in-arms while serving, but the years he spent facing the realities of war and death have left him with post-traumatic stress disorder as well. When a shooting incident triggers his PTSD, Laz Galanos is present to see how much Red still struggles with it. The last thing Red wants his issues to touch what he's finally developing with Laz, but everything becomes even more complicated when attempts are made on Laz's life. Ensuring that Laz is safe is Red's first priority, but with the younger man's career on an upswing, that's easier said than done. Laz more than trusts Red with his life, but can he trust him with his heart, especially since Laz's experiences with men have left his confidence battered and bruised and his heart unsure? With so much going between and around these two, will the killer sneak in unnoticed and finish the job?

Oh, Red... I swear, the man had such a good head on his shoulders but an even far better heart beating within him. He cared a great deal about Laz and his love and loyalty towards his fallen brothers and those who continue to be by his side made him such a wonderful guy to get to know. My heart broke for him during those moments where he was still in the grips of a PTSD episode. We get glimpses of each of the Kings plus Joker and Jack in every single book in the series, but those are just inklings of how amazing they are once they get their stories told. Now, in terms of Laz, well, let's just say that I may have liked him a tad more in book one than here. Maybe it was because he seemed to be such a pillar of support and understanding for Red for so much of this book and then he reacts a certain way here and goes on to do something petty and I so wanted to smack him upside the head. Aside from that, Be Still My Heart had every bit of MM romantic suspense goodness that I was hoping which earns it five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 26 July 2018

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