Review: Mercy by M.N. Forgy (Sin City Outlaws #2)

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"I hate you." My words come out honest, and unsurprising. How can  you love and hate someone all at the same time? I love him so much, that it fuels my hatred for this man.

My affection for him cam quick, and was extremely unrealistic. It came like a hurricane, and was unstoppable. Most thing in life that cause the most damage sneak up on you like that, not giving much warning before it completely uproots your life, destroying anything and everything you worked so hard for. Before you know it, love has impaled your soul, feeding it piece by piece to the bad boys we fall so stupidly for.

After that evil cliffhanger of an ending in Reign, we get the tension-filled conclusion to Sin City Outlaws MC president Zevin Zeek Deluca and Las Vegas deputy sheriff Jillian McAdams's love story with Mercy, the second book in author M.N. Forgy's Sin City Outlaws series, which is a spin-off of her Devil's Dust MC series. Book two is not a standalone and needs to be read only after book one. I'm also going to suggest reading the original series because there is history between the two motorcycle clubs, especially between Zeek and his younger brother Phillip "Lip" Deluca, and the books are already on my long to-be-read list.

This sequel picks up right after the events in its predecessor and has Zeek and Jillian on the run from Zeek's evil uncle and his minions. Jillian is torn between her loyalty to her stepfather--the man who raised her as his own daughter and the officer who trained her to be the best in law enforcement she can be--and Zeek--the man she's inexplicably fallen in love with even though they shouldn't make sense together. They're headed to where the Devil's Dust MC, Lip's club, are located, knowing that there are no guarantees, especially considering what Zeek did to one of their members and Lip's very long-held hatred.

Book two is a story about battles: the battle between love and hate, the battle between family and the man you're in love with, the battle between the club and the woman who owns your heart, and the battle between blood brothers. There's a blurring of lines here, because knowing what's wrong and what's right isn't as simple as it used to be for someone like Jillian. In the case of Zeek, it's the other way around, having been so used to doing the wrong things and needing to make things right for Jillian. They're tugged back and forth and yet they do both choose to remain anchored to the one person that mattes: each other.

I love the direction the story took, resolving certain issues while stirring up new ones that I expect will play out as the series continues. With Zeek seeing how the Devil's Dust MC functions and with what takes place in the latter half of the book, I'm certainly curious to see how things in his Sin City Outlaws MC will be moving forward. I'm also wondering who's story will be told next, though Felix seems to be the most likely candidate since he is Zeek's VP. Whoever it'll be, book three is already going on my TBR list because if the rest of the Sin City Outlaws series is at par with Reign and Mercy, it'll be worth reading. Five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 08 April 2016

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