Review: When You Became Mine by A.S. Teague

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR.

A.S. Teague continues to leave me impressed with her obvious storytelling prowess. On the surface, When You Became Mine may look like your run-of-the-mill story of frenemies realizing they were always meant to be more, but here's the thing: looks can be deceiving, and in the case of this book, I mean that in a really, really, REALLY good way. Yes, the main characters knew each other as children and there's a secret crush going on for both of them, although it's not the mutual kind. Got your attention? Hey, you could totally be daring and jump into this book blind. Trust me, it's worth the time you put into; if you've never read this author before, she's beyond promising.

Lawson Reed was twelve when he knew that Piper Kelley was "it" for him. Sure, she was only eight, but if a human could imprint on another human, she'd definitely done it to Lawson. Yeah, she saw him as more of a fuddy-duddy, a rule follower, a tattletale, a party pooper, etc. Maybe that's why Piper gravitated more towards Lawson's younger brother Hampton. However, with Lawson moving to Las Vegas after his college graduation for the job of his dreams, he knew it was now or never--he would confess his feelings to Piper. But then tragedy strikes and Lawson leaves his hometown and keeps his distance for the next eight years. When he's reassigned to Stone Mountain, Lawson decides his return home will be short, but having Piper in close quarters maybe-definitely changes things.

I loved reading this book. There were parts of it that had my heart clenching in my chest in empathy for one or more of the characters, but there were also portions that either brought a smile to my face or inspired a laugh out of me. Lawson and Piper were definitely the main characters in this story, and their romance is one that was both original and wholly entertaining while also being endearing. However, I just wanted to note that there were supporting characters in this book that were memorable, with one in particular I sincerely hope will get a shot at his own happy ending, especially after his heartbreaking loss and later betrayal he experiences. I won't mention who it is, but you'll see why he when you get to reading this book--and you should read this book as soon as humanly possible! The weekend is upon us; do yourself a favor and read When You Became Mine ASAP. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 05 October 2018

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