Review: Tempting Brooke by Kristen Proby (Big Sky #2.5)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the publisher via InkSlinger PR.

Kristen Proby takes readers back to the town of Cunningham Falls in Montana in this Big Sky novella featuring two former friends who see if they can rekindle a friendship they lost when they were teenagers--but could they find more than that now that they're adults? Brooke Henderson's flower shop is on its way to becoming a success in her hometown and with her sister planning to open her bakery next door, they would definitely corner the market when it comes to events like parties and weddings. When the new owner of the building Brooke's Blooms decides to put it up for sale, however, Brooke has no intention of taking it lying down. The fact that her landlord just happens to be her former best friend, though, could make things tricky. After all, Brody Chabot not only turned his back on their friendship with nary a word, he upped and left town without staying in contact with Brooke or anyone else. Maybe if Brooke can help Brody see just how important her flower shop and her sister's bakery is to Cunningham Falls, he'll change his mind about selling. But Brody's changed over the years...but then so has Brooke.

Tempting Brooke was a sweet quickie read and Brooke and Brody were certainly easily likable main characters who still share the affection they once had for each other as teens. I liked how Brooke basically opened Brody's eyes to what exactly it is she does for the townsfolk, which in turn, helped open his very closed off heart to the happier memories and aspects of Cunningham Falls. There are a few familiar characters from both the author's Love Under the Big Sky and Big Sky series, but you don't necessarily have to read any of the previous books in order to appreciate this new release. The friendship and romance that went on was good, although I did find myself wishing there had been more interaction between them on the romance front compared to all the time they spent arranging and delivering floral arrangements--not that that part of the story wasn't important, but maybe more of a balance could have been struck. I also hoped that there had been a firmer resolution as far as Brody's late father was concerned, but I guess he got the peace of mind he wanted anyway. All in all, Tempting Brooke gets four stars. ♥


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Release Date: 23 October 2018

Date Read: 22 October 2018

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