Review: The Single Dad Arrangement by Penny Wylder

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Candi Kane PR.

The Single Dad Arrangement is my first Penny Wylder read, and it's the story of a thirty-five-year-old single father named Killian Flore who may be a highly successful CEO with his own business, but the very center of his world is none other than his daughter Lina. He wants his little princess's fifth birthday to be everything she hopes it'll be, so hiring a Party Princess was a no-brainer. When he meets Tilly, however, his brain short-circuits, as he takes in the perfectly put-together woman wearing a tiara and gown standing on his front porch. Not only is she enchantingly beautiful, but the twenty-five-year-old also happens to be a whiz at what she does and Lina is as beguiled as her father. As wrong as it may be for her to become involved with a client, Tilly can't resist being with Killian. But when her dreams of becoming a children's book author is threatened, will she choose the father and daughter who have changed her life or the dream she's had forever, and when Killian's past and present collide, will he be forced to decide if he wants to continue being with the woman he's falling for or to make sure he protects his daughter Lina?

This book both surprised me and gave me what I expected. A quick peek at her author bio, and Penny Wylder tells you that she writes what her readers expect and that's wild romances. So yes, I expected that this was going to be, in Wylder's own words, "a little dirty", but scratch out the "little" and change it to "lot", not that I'm complaining. Yes, there's a whole lot of sex in the book, but you know to expect it, and it's written rather well, so bonus points. There is a romance thrown into the mix as well as a bit of melodrama courtesy of Killian's ex-wife who I'd totally label as "cray-cray". The surprise part was more of the direction the story went as well as the fact that I really enjoyed reading this in the hour or so it took me to start AND finish it. This is the sort of read that gives you sex and romance and an actual story to boot. I loved little Lina who was precocious and endearing. Overall, The Single Dad Arrangement was a fun and flirty AND filthy read, and it's definitely sparked my curiosity and I may be checking out the author's back list sometime in the near future. I'm giving this quick read 4.5 stars out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 01 October 2018

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