Review: Fight or Flight by Samantha Young

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by Berkley Publishing Group.

Oh my word... This book! Gah! Put together my love for the enemies-to-lovers trope with Samantha Young's latest romance, and it's resulted in this winner of a read that I happily got through in a single sitting--and it isn't exactly a quick read to boot! Fight or Flight isn't about love at first; nope, in the case of Ava Breevort and Caleb Scott, there wasn't a whole lot of love going on. The last thing Ava needed after depressing trip back to her hometown of Arcadia in Arizona was a cocksure Scot who cuts in front of her, causing her to lose the last coveted first class seat on her flight to her home base of Boston. First impressions prove to be right when Caleb makes trouble for her at one of the restaurants inside the airport in Phoenix--not a good thing when you're hangry. Animosity and irritation run rampant between Ava and Caleb, but who'd have thought all of that tension would serve them well when hooking up thanks to a flight delay? They go their separate ways, and Ava isn't wasting her time pining for the man, no matter how hot the sex was. So what is she to do when Caleb shows up on her doorstep suggesting that they make good use of his unexpected stay in the US before being able to fly back to Scotland? Neither of them is interested in a relationship, so a purely physical, absolutely temporary arrangement is a dream come true. Right?

Ava and Caleb could have been the poster children for the adage "There's a thin line between love and hate." Oh, there wasn't any being coy or trying to pretend they weren't hot for each other when they first meet. Nope. It was honest-to-goodness dislike, and hey, I couldn't blame either of them. She was kinda bitchy and he was kind of a bastard, and these two had pushing each other's buttons down to a science, you would think, what with all the bickering going on. But that bickering would transform into banter as their relationship evolved, and there's a whole lot more to Ava and Caleb than meets the eye. Yeah, I admit that smacking Caleb upside the head for a good portion of the book was tempting, and I'm definitely not excusing his bad behavior no matter how gorgeous he may have been made to look in the book. But see, he does ultimately redeem himself, and getting to know him at the same time that Ava does makes it easier to understand the man behind the menace. Okay, he wasn't really a menace, but he certainly didn't make it easy to like him. Ava, on the other hand, was a woman who didn't allow anyone to walk all over her. She gave as much as she took, and she wasn't afraid to put Caleb in his place whenever and wherever. There's snark and sass plus lust and love and fab writing, resulting in a five-star rating Fight or Flight.

Release Date: 09 October 2018

Date Read: 06 October 2018

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