Review: Changing the Game by Ember Leigh (Breaking #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR.

Changing the Game is the second book in Ember Leigh's Breaking series, and it's a second-chance love story between twenty-seven-year-olds Lexington Olivo and Lila (whose last name I don't recall being mentioned). Lex and Lila were once very much in love, but they were also very much in a messy relationship, no thanks in large part to Lex's addictions and involvement with a gang that led to dangerous underground fighting. When all was said and done, they went their separate ways, living separate lives. It would take five years before their paths would cross once again. Lex is no longer the man Lila left behind, having turned his life around when it had finally hit rock bottom and becoming a sought-after MMA trainer at his friend's gym. Lila herself is on track to go from an emergency room nurse to director of nursing at the hospital she works at. Maybe this could be their chance to get it right, to be together the way they were always meant to be. But when Lex's past comes calling and Lila's secret comes to light, will they both decide that maybe being and staying apart is what was truly best for them after all?

This second novel in the series was a step up from its predecessor, although I did find myself having a bit of an issue with Lila. It was pretty easy to figure out that there was something more to the whole time Lex and Lila were separated based on the blurb for the book. The thing is, I've never been a fan of this particular story line. I mean, I get it--Lila had her reasons for not saying anything for a certain period of time. She believed this was what was best given the fact that Lex wasn't exactly at his best when they were together and she had assumed he remained that way even after things had ended between them. But here's the thing: she could have finally fessed up when they had gotten back together and yet chose not to. Yeah, that had me shaking my head more than once. Still, I liked Lila a whole lot better than I did Amara Valenzuela in the first book, and Lex was possibly even more interesting than Travis Holt was (but only a smidgen since I'm trying not to play favorites). Overall, Changing the Game turned out to be a better read than I was expecting, and I find myself hoping book three will follow suit. This gets 3.5 stars. ♥

Release Date: 22 October 2018

Date Read: 22 October 2018

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