Review: Bully & Exit by Brigham Vaughn (Midwest #1)

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Bully & Exit is a second-chance romance and it’s the first in author Brigham Vaughn’s Midwest series. Caleb Stockwell is a month away from getting his degree, meaning he’s this close to having fully avoided crossing paths or interacting with Nathan Rhodes. Unfortunately, his good luck runs out when they see each other at a fraternity party, but while Nathan would love nothing more than to have the talk with Caleb he should have had four years ago, Caleb wants nothing to do with him. What almost no one knows at their university is the theater major and the hockey player share a past that dates back to their high school days. Nathan’s fears led him to break the heart of the one guy who meant the world to him, but now he wants a second shot to right his wrongs and prove to Caleb they belong together. First, though, he’ll have to convince Caleb to actually listen to everything that he has to say, and that could well be the hardest thing of all for Nathan to do.

I’ve always enjoyed Brigham Vaughn’s writing in the past, so to have an opportunity to read something of hers that was part of her back list was something I jumped on. This was a sweet story about two people who once had something special but peer pressure and the fear of rejection by everyone else weighed heavily on their break-up. It’s also important to note that Caleb and Nathan are very much aware of the existence of the other on campus, but both have simply chosen to avoid each other’s presence for their own reasons. Had this been a case of them not seeing one another at all, it would have made a skeptic out of me, especially given that it’s been nearly four years of them being in one location. Their respective best friends proved to be scene stealers, and I’m glad their story is next. Other than a continuity issue with Nathan seeing he still loved Caleb and then later saying he was in the process of falling for him again, I liked Bully & Exit. It gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 18 October 2018

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