Review: Once Upon a Wild Fling by Lauren Blakely (Heartbreakers #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

“You should just be best friends forever with her.” 
I chuckle. “You think so?” 
“I know so. It's pretty simple, Daddy. You love me, I love you, I love Roxy, Roxy loves me, Roxy loves you, and you love Roxy. So there. Be best friends forever.”

Three Harts and I'm out! The fall started with me tipping over due to oldest brother Campbell, and I continued tumbling forward because of middle brother Miller. Youngest brother Miles? Well, he ensured that I totally succumbed to everything Hart and succumb I did, falling for all three of these charming, musically gifted rockers. All good things do have to come to an end, however, and Lauren Blakely closes out her Heartbreakers trilogy with a falling-for-my-friend's-sibling love story that's all about the pluses of having plus-ones. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Miles just happens to be a single dad and he's absolutely awesome with his five-year-old son Ben? Yep, single dads who actually take their responsibilities seriously. Take my damn ovaries already, why don't you?!

Once Upon a Wild Fling is all about the Miles Hart, who at thirty-one has decided to lay down roots in the same city as his brothers and to create a more permanent home for himself and his son Ben. Throw in the much-awaited reunion of the Heartbreakers--the band his older brothers started and which he later joined at sixteen--and life was, indeed, rather good. Who says he needs to be in a solid relationship with a woman? His life is all about his son, his music, and his family. Any naughty thoughts he may have of his financial adviser slash close friend's sister aren't things he plans to act on. Unless you count friendly flirting, but that's all innocent. And the whole becoming each other's plus-ones? It's about friends being there for each other. Right? Wait. Friends totally kiss. Yes? Maybe?

There's a wee bit more to the story than what I posted above, but yeah, I'm not going to tell you the one tiny, teeny twist because hello, no spoilers. Don't worry though, it's all good and it's revealed very early on in the book. In short, go read this book. Heck, read the whole series! From the fun and flirty friendship that belies a very mutual attraction going on between Miles and pet spa owner Roxy Sterling is just part of what made this book such a great read. The rest of the Harts are there as well, but as much as I love Campbell and Miller, it's little Ben that's captured my heart most. He was such an adorable part of the story, and he looks to be a mini Heartbreaker in the making, though more into art, methinks. Lauren Blakely delivers a five-plus-star read with Once Upon a Wild Fling! ♥


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Release Date: 08 October 2018

Date Read: 07 October 2018

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