Review: Tripp by S. Nelson (Knights Corruption MC #4)

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“So . . . you don’t wanna sleep with me?”
“I didn’t say that. I mean, that’s not what she asked me.” Her hands twisted errant strands of her hair. “Wait, what are you asking me?”
Rattling her was quickly becoming my new favorite thing.
Having too much fun to let it go, I pressed her further, crowding her personal space for the full effect. “It’s simple. Do you want to sleep with me?”
“I don’t know you.”
“So what? It’s a simple yes or no. Do you want me between those sexy thighs of yours or not?”

With each new novel added, my adding the Knights Corruption MC series to my list of favorite on-going MC romance series continues to prove to be the right decision. S. Nelson has a knack--a gift--for creating this perfect yet I'm sure it's a precarious balance between giving fans and readers a brand new love story between one of the brothers in the motorcycle club and the woman who irrevocably changes their life and the series arc regarding the club itself and their sworn enemies, the Savage Reapers MC. Then there's also the fantastic fact that those who've read the previous books in the series continue to see how the other couples have progressed in their respective relationships, so we aren't left wondering how they're doing. I love when there's both continuity and freshness as a series moves forward and I, for one, certainly have nary a complaint when it comes to where S. Nelson is taking us.

James Cavanaugh, known as Tripp, is a nomad, choosing to become part of the nomad charter of the KC MC, that is, until he's left shot multiple times and bleeding to death outside the gates of the very same charter his younger brother Hawke belongs to. Since then, Tripp has found a home of sorts in central California, but ever since he found his ex-girlfriend cheating on him, he hasn't been in any sort of committed relationship. No woman has made him want that sort of thing again. Until he walks into one of the strip clubs the Knights Corruption owns and lays eyes on the new stripper onstage. There's an undeniable beauty that Reece Kendrick has, but that's not the only thing about her that fascinates Tripp. He's protective of her and feels the need to care for her and claim her as his. When complications on both their ends arise, will Reece still want the man ready to do anything for her...even kill?

Tripp is one of those brothers who grabbed my attention the moment he made his presence felt in the series. Who wouldn't notice a guy bleeding from four bullet wounds to the chest and with his actual blood brother and club brothers surrounding him as he lay dying? He's always been quieter than a whole lot of the other KC brothers, but that's what makes him such a mystery and I'm glad that he was the one the author decided to write about in the fourth installment in the series. It was clear that he cared a great deal about his club brothers, especially those he was closest to, nearly as much as he did about Hawke, and for as much as he was an intimidating presence, he had a heart that loved deeply. He also had a lot of respect for the women who held a place in his life, but from the moment Reece entered the picture, you knew that there was no other female who was ever going to displace her.

Reece was a woman who was trying to create a new life for herself and there are little clues that pop up that make it obvious that she's hiding something regarding her past in Maine. This is just one element in the suspense angle of the book, as well, of course, as what's going on with the club and particularly, Marek and Sully (whose own love story was told in the series starter for those of you unfamiliar with the books). There are a few twists in this fourth book, but it was one particular that made me go "whoa" because I sure as heck didn't see it coming--and neither did Marek and the rest of the Knights Corruption, meaning that whatever they though was over and done with seems to have caught a second wind, and this time around, there are unknown variables in play. Tripp maintains the level of excellence in this series, receiving five-plus stars. I can't wait for Ryder and whoever else follows next! ♥


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Release Date: 12 January 2017

Date Read: 11 January 2017

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