Review: Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins

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Cassandra's plans for the summer go nowhere when she's left with no other choice but to join her mother, stepfather, and brother at a beach-side cabin that they've rented over the next few weeks. Then she spots a boy about her age along the surf named Lawrence and there's a connection between the two of them that may just make both their stays at the beach far more interesting. But then when they both lay claim of residency over the house they're staying at and that they're both seventeen but he happens to be alive and well in 1925 while she's living her life in 2015, questions arise. What reason could fate have to make Cassandra's and Lawrence's paths cross? If they change history, what ramifications will they have to face?Why would they be allowed to find their soulmate only to never have the opportunity to ever be together? 

Until We Meet Again is a young adult (YA) fantasy romance from author Renee Collins and has two seventeen-year-olds who meet along the beach of Crest Harbor during an idyllic summer. The one hitch? Lawrence is in 1925 while Cassandra is in 2015. With a bit of research, Cassandra finds out that Lawrence is murdered and together, they try to find a way to make sure that this event doesn't take place. As they spend more time together, they fall in love, but how can they truly have a future as a couple if she's living in the present and he's stuck in the past? This book presents a very interesting premise and a creative twist to the time warp romance story line. They're both still teenagers, though Lawrence turns a year older early on in the book, so even though they come from different eras, they do become kindred spirits and friends.

The love story between Lawrence and Cassandra is a touching one, filled with the kind of innocence that isn't as naive as you would find had they both been younger. They're on the brink of becoming adults, so there's already a burgeoning awareness that exists. This was a romance that had a different kind of passion because it was clearly not about getting into each other pants for these two. It was about existing in each other's company and wanting to not just be with the other but also doing whatever is necessary for one another. There's also a fair bit of mystery and suspense as the two main characters try to figure out who wants to harm Lawrence and what can be done to stop them. Overall, this was an exceptionally beautifully written YA love story and the ending left me rather teary-eyed. I'm giving Until We Meet Again five stars. ♥

Release Date: 03 November 2015

Date Read: 01 November 2015

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