Review: Snowflake Wishes by Maggie McGinnis (Echo Lake #0.5)

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Noah Drake was always looking for the next adventure and if it took him to a new place that he had never been to before, then so much the better. His life of adrenaline highs forced him to hit the lowest low when the girl he thought he would spend a lifetime with--Piper Bellini--walked away, fearful of what the next accident would cost him. No one's ever come close to replacing Piper in his heart, and when he returns to their hometown of Echo Lake, it's clear that the feelings they once had are still as strong and as mutual as ever. But with Noah ready to hop on a plane toward his next adventure, will Piper ever be able to convince Noah to once again call Echo Lake home and make time to settle down and work on a family of their own?

Snowflake Wishes is a prequel novella in the Echo Lake series from bestselling author Maggie McGinnis, with each of the stories set in a small town called Echo Lake in the state of Vermont. It'll take less than an hour to read this second chance romance but it sure as heck doesn't read like a quickie because there all the details regarding what went wrong between main characters Noah Drake and Piper Bellini seven years ago and how they try to decide whether or not to give their love story a second shot are all there. You don't end up wondering what happened back then nor do you sit around thinking to yourself that all the book did was a hop, a skip, and a jump toward a happily-ever-after that the characters didn't have to work for.

While the love they feel for each other is still very much alive, the issues that led to the demise of their relationship also still exist. Noah and Piper don't need to fall back in love with each other; what they do need is to find a resolution to Piper's unwillingness to stand idly by each time Noah decides to go off on another adventure, wondering if he'll end up hurt or worse. There's a reason for her reticence but it's one that she's kept from Noah. Because neither seems willing to really budge, it becomes a matter of who's finally ready to make changes in order to accommodate the possibility of getting back together. This was a really great novella, one that others can learn a good deal from. I'm giving Snowflake Wishes five stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 November 2015

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