Review: At the Water's Edge by Harper Bliss

It's been over two decades since Ella Goodman was in West Waters, but after an event that shakes her, and in turn, her family and loved ones, to the core, she decides to take a semester off from her job as a professor to stay in the family-owned cabin along the lake. There, she hopes to find some much-needed peace of mind and healing. While gathering her strength to see her parents, Ella sparks a friendship with Kay Brody, daughter of the original owners of West Waters and someone she saw during the summer. In Kay, Ella doesn't just find a confidante, but someone who refuses to let her sit idly by or drown in negative feelings. Kay is helping her heal, but will Ella ever be ready for the realization that they're falling in love?

At the Water's Edge is a standalone F/F contemporary romance from author Harper Bliss and is, hands down, my favorite among the books she's written and that I've been able to read so far. This had a completely different feel from her previously published work. It delved into Ella Goodman's life story and paid a great deal of attention to how her family has affected who she's become and how she's handled certain events in her life. I think it was important to focus on Ella's issues because they're what hold her back from having a committed relationship with someone and not sabotaging it later on. In order for her to even make something with Kay Brody work, she has to confront her family and their past and present.

Without a doubt, Kay was my favorite character in the book. She was level-headed and able to see things from an outsider's perspective, making it the most objective one, which was something Ella seriously needed. She nudges and pushes, but she never shoves Ella along the journey to healing and recovery. The book is really Ella's story, but Kay plays such an integral part in both of Ella's life and love stories that she becomes the backbone of sorts. She presents Ella with choices Ella never really considered before and makes her see that she doesn't have to be stuck in the life she's been living prior to going to West Waters. At the Water's Edge is a worthwhile, five-star read and one I would recommend to F/F romance readers. ♥

Date Read: 31 October 2015

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